Bluewater School Trustees want board to do health turbine study

Kevin Larson

By Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times
Bluewater school trustees want the board’s health and safety staff to explore the health effects of industrial wind turbines before supporting a call by one of their own asking the provincial government to suspend further wind development until those health effects are known. Trustee Kevin Larson, who represents Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie, put forth the motion for the moratorium, saying public concern about possible negative health impacts and the board’s “legal requirement to ensure the well-being of students in our schools, some of which are or may be located near to industrial wind turbines” was the reason for the motion. Read article

3 thoughts on “Bluewater School Trustees want board to do health turbine study

  1. it’s a good idea for the board to do their own health studies here. it then becomes a third party study, not mandated by the government, the results of which would not be biased by the government..I too, am not sure the board fully understands what is at stake here..There is a wealth of studies and reports out there, peer reviewed, documenting the proven adverse health effects of these IWT’s..Perhaps these trustees / board members should access them and get better informed..The priority is definitely the safety and well being of the students, and it is mandated , BY LAW, that the boards adhere to that..I’m confident, once these independent studies are done, and the results are once again proven, the board will make the right decision here. and do the right thing, for the health and safety of all concerned..

  2. How can the board do health studies? Where will they get the money? One can not just ask for health studies in general, there has to be a set criteria or you are going to get just another Arlene King type review or the type of health study that is now being done over 5 years by people I believe to be totally unqualified. There are already studies done on health but those in power are not listening. Somehow we want to study things to death and it will always depend on what side you are on as to how the study turns out. Mean while we loose. My heart goes out to the victims that are being re-victimized almost daily by the government, IWT Companies and the people who say its in their head etc.We are destroying peoples lives, the environment and our economy for what?

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