Essex County Council backs turbine moratorium

Add Essex County Council to the list of those who want a moratorium on wind turbines.   Councillors are calling for a freeze, citing both health and financial concerns.  Kingsville Deputy Mayor, Tamara Stomp, is worried that taxpayers money is subsidizing the profits of huge, off-shore companies.  Stomp says, even those who don’t agree that turbines pose a risk to human health must surely understand a balanced budget.  The Minister of Energy announces a new Feed In Tariff program today in Toronto.  It’s expected to cover both the cost and location of turbines over the next 2 years.

4 thoughts on “Essex County Council backs turbine moratorium

  1. Why the change of heart?? citing both HEALTH & financial concerns. Could it be that the turbines in Lakeshore, Harrow, Malden, Kingsvile are starting to rob people of their sleep and health? This moratorium feels kind of hollow for those of us who already have turbines rammed up their backsides, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

  2. Maybe we should start a list of the shameful councils that have not called for a turbine moratorium (and sorry C-K — a moratorium on a “select” few doesn’t really count).

  3. Goderich would be one.
    They have been kicked in the teeth by a Tornado,+100s of job loses
    Mcguinty didn’t even review the damage and offered 5mil and promised to match donations,well the damage is well over 50 mil, closed off 200 jobs in a second at Bluewater and now surrounds the town with IWTs with the possibility of the LAKE to be contaminated with them too.

    Mayor Shewfelt, has had his head stuffed up Mcguinty’s behind for too long. Jeez he must stink!

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