Essex MPP and Essex Councillor host green energy forum

by Sylene Argent, Essex Free Press
Excerpt:  Monica Elmes of Chatham-Kent said her family has been dealing with wind turbines for the past six years. “I feel this is a hugely important issue for your community,” she said of her reasons for attending the Essex forum. “I feel there is a great injustice that’s happening to people that live near industrial wind turbines. They’re being robbed of their health, their property values, and their property rights.”   Read article

8 thoughts on “Essex MPP and Essex Councillor host green energy forum

  1. The fellow who works on IWTs forgot to mention that the turbines are shut down when being serviced. So no sound!
    The young engineering guy has a degree in environmental engineering? Not eletrical engineering.
    Living in the same area and not being bothered by IWT “noise” is an indication that the IWT “noise” for one reason or another does not reach his house?
    The CAW rep. should aquire some basic knowledge about fault zones and earthquakes.
    The owner of the solar panel firm thinks Ontario taxpayers should subsidize his business to furnish solar panels for Africa.

      • Try to scare people into thinking there could be a tsunami in Lake Erie? So IWTs and solar panels are needed to replace the Fermi plant just in case it’s hit by a tsunami.

    • The birds killed by tall buildings by and large are not migratory bird species. Has anyone noticed lately a decline in urban pigeon populations due to striking tall buildings? Or sparrows?
      IWTs kill bats and migratory birds along with birds of prey.
      Every topic presented at this meeting by proponents of IWTs can easily be refuted.

  2. And…
    less than a week later….
    Essex County calls for a turbine moratorium…
    take that –Taras and Randy V !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Taras said none of the mayors in his riding wanted the responsiblity of turbines…

      Only 1 mayor (in his riding) voted against the moratorium so I think Taras was stretching the truth…just a tad?

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