Liberals still cleaning up Smitherman’s mess

by Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – The elephant at Queen’s Park this week is George Smitherman.  The political ghost of the former health minister turned energy minister turned super infrastructure minister has haunted everything from the auditor’s report on the Ornge air ambulance scandal (Smitherman was at the helm of the health ministry when it started) to Energy Minister Chris Bentley’s announcement lowering the price the government will pay for wind and solar under its feed in tariff (FIT) program.  Read article

9 thoughts on “Liberals still cleaning up Smitherman’s mess

  1. IF this Government isn’t called out this coming week for this “out of control disaster called Liberal Minority” then we can say: “Ontario!…stick a fork in it…it’s done”!!!

  2. Mr. Smitherman was the patsy in the passage of the Green Energy Act. He didn’t get to the “party” that planned the passage of the act until the last week of June 2008 just after he was made the new MOE. ENGOs did the pushing while the developers remained “off-stage” and mostly unnoticed. But he will get most of the blame because he was the MOE who steered the Act through to passage.

    • Mr. Smitherman did not play a big role in putting over renewable energy in Ontario compared to others involved in this but he did do the job he was appointed to do and that was to get the Act passed. Appointed by are key words in this situation if you get the meaning.

    • Smitherman was only the guy out front from June 2008 on. The others were behind the scenes and some working on this as far back as 1996. The rest were only too happy to give him the credit.

    • Thanks for posting this OWR.
      Politicians of every stripe depend on ” The short memory of the public ”

      Melodie Burkett.

  3. Curious G was a political henchman.
    Boorish, arrogant, uneducated.
    Premier Dad’s alter ego.
    Slitherman had the Sadim Touch.

  4. There is plenty of blame to be shared among Liberals, Smitherman certainly deserves his share.
    At the time of the GEA debate, he was recorded as crowing that cost-benefit analysis was not part of the wind/solar energy study. Something more important, social-benefit analysis was used. The AG confirmed Liberals were not too comfortable with any cost-benefit analysis.

    • Lest we forget, in promoting the GEA,
      curious G claimed the Act would result
      in modest increases in electricity bills
      of 1% annually.

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