FIT fix more like a refuel

by Terence Corcoran, National Post
Excerpt: Energy Minister Bentley dismisses such increases as irrelevant, claiming that only a small fraction of any power price hikes is related to green energy. Most of it, he says, is a function of upgrading the provincial system of electricity production and distribution.  Not true.

The new report filed with the OEB this week — prepared by Aegent Energy Advisors — shows that 40% to 50% of the increase is directly related to the McGuinty government’s green energy programs.   Read article

7 thoughts on “FIT fix more like a refuel

  1. Looks like the Liberals hired Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (former Iraq Minister of Propaganda) to write the FIT review. “Not to worry Ontarians… everything is fine and on track… Trust in our supreme leader…”

    The sad part of all this…. good chance Torontonians will buy the rhetoric and keep these criminals in power.

  2. With most of the projects grandfathered in the new FIT progam is moot anyway. With prices falling for the installation of new wind and solar projects then under the new FIT program the return on investments/ROI will be about the same.So this will not slow or stop wind and solar investments. Investors will still flock to Ontario for the FIT program profits.

    • “New” projects built at lower costs and with lower FITs. Return on investment/ROI about the same. Problem solved. Public fooled again. This why they were cheering.

      • This latest move supports investor confidence in Ontario renewable energy FIT programs and keeps investor money rolling in. Otherwise this whole scam will collapse.
        FITs can be reduced if the costs of IWT and solar projects keeps dropping as the return on investments/ROIs will remain about the same or even increase.

  3. “Spin Spin Spin” “YaddaYadda Yadda” McBentley’s lips are moving and nothing intelligible is coming out. Everything is just fine, under our McSquinty Liberal/NDP “coalition”………………

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