Toronto Sun Editorial: Will Dalton blow himself away?

Toronto Sun
Premier Dalton McGuinty keeps putting lipstick on the pig that is his green energy policy.  Last week, he announced small downward adjustments to future, 20-year Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts with green energy producers, that are driving up the cost of electricity for consumers.

But it’s too little, too late to avoid the economic and social disaster McGuinty has already inflicted.  Despite earlier musings he would give municipalities more say in where renewable energy projects go, McGuinty refused to remove the veto his Green Energy Act gives the province over local input into such decisions.  Read article

9 thoughts on “Toronto Sun Editorial: Will Dalton blow himself away?

  1. There are 3 articles this weekend in the Sun. Editorial, Goldstein and
    Runcimann. The gremlins are appearing in the comment section,
    referring people to an April 3rd. protest at Queens Park. Some of the
    gremlins have had their comments removed and the proper info has been
    posted. As the comments grow, the proper info gets buried. If you can
    take a moment and post the info, it will stay on top. I can’t post it
    anymore or it will be removed. Post in all 3 articles. A couple of
    posts every hour from different e-mail addresses should do it. As long
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  2. It would be nice if we all could just stick Dalton our bill if we all just not paid our hydro bill for one month and set fire to his green energy act. His act would be the biggest act he would ever encounter. we should send a statement saying if our neighbours next to Ontario get free electricity and get paid for using it than we should at least not have to pay our electricity. It is not us that created this problem it is him himself that caused this horrible mess and he wants rural Ontario to pay the biggest part of his disaster plan. For me I could not give a dam how bad he would feel to try to save face or come up with a remedy, it is to late and time is running out. Time to throw out this parasite and his fictional corporations Canwea and other fictional parasites that are feeding of our family and robbing us of our family income for our own basic needs. i’d say free hydro bills for a month just like our neighbours gets. Fair is fair.

    • This is another idea to consider if your late payment is not too much. Let them do without money for a month. Or do this on an alternating monthly basis.

  3. I was late for my hydro payment for 2 weeks last Aug and was sent a letter from the local utility of a hydro shut off date .It was upsetting to say the least . They are unforgiving .

    • Everyone should be paying attention to Hydro One – billing practices.
      What this will do to the rental market –
      is skyrocket rents;
      landlords cannot, bear the costs; transfer payments.

      It’s a chain reaction to a completely dysfunctional government.

    • They tried to shut off my hydro . But i said I do not consent to shutting my power off and i said they were not allowed on my land with out my consent. Told them that is part of my resources that each Canadian owns and cannot shut my Hydro without my consent. that was back in January. This was an issue of installing a smart meter without my consent. Nobody can install something on your home you bought and slave for without your consent especially when it is pulsating radiation every 10 seconds. you may not believe it but we CEO’s are suppose to be in-charge so long as you do not harm someone or put someone in danger plain and simple.We truly have dominion if you know what I mean just have to educate your brainwashed thoughts. They should have a course on this kind of stuff but then the fictions cant function properly and loose there slavery methods on us anymore.

  4. ‘[excerpt] But it’s too little, too late to avoid the economic and social disaster McGuinty has already inflicted.’
    If this is true, then somebody must be happy.
    Who is positioned as a winner – in the privatization of Ontario’s electricity system?
    Yeah – what hedge fund?

    • Renewable energy is the wrong kind of privatization of electricity. How many people object to Bell providing phone service? Bell is /was a monopoly and people got good service for their money.
      Renewable energy provides neither good service nor value for the money it costs.

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