Kawartha Lakes responds to FiT changes

By Peggy Armstrong, Lindsay Post
KAWARTHA LAKES -The province has rejected giving municipalities a veto on wind and solar projects, but will give priority to new projects in communities where there is local support. “They listened a little bit,” Ward 16 Coun. Heather Stauble said in an interview. She’s glad for the province’s change, but added, “I don’t think they’ve taken it far enough.” She noted that Energy Minister Chris Bentley said the province couldn’t permit municipal vetoes. “We’d have 440 different rules around the province,” he said in a news report. “They have 440 different situations already,” Stauble said. “The municipalities do their own planning.”Read article

3 thoughts on “Kawartha Lakes responds to FiT changes

  1. I would like to know the communities that want them. Is there any? How can Councilor Stauble say, “they listened a little bit”This is destroying the very fabric of Rural Ontario and will no doubt bankrupt it. Nothing has changed. Yes, it is Rural Land owners that signed for them but many are absentee land owners and many others wish they had not signed but are having difficulty getting out of the lease agreements they made several years ago before they truly realized the down side.

  2. How many wind turbines will it take to replace 1 coal plant? Oh, yeah wind always needs a backup.

  3. Kawartha Lakes, you have my total sympathy if you are led by elected representatives who actually believe that McGuinty was even listening ‘..a little bit..’ You guys are really in deep trouble!
    Claiming a success by reducing tax paid subsidies when they still offer 200 to 500% profit over actual real market costs continues the insanity that only a lunatic like McGuinty could claim as rational.
    These enormous and environment disasters, these huge industrial power plants, need stopping and now. Forget ‘grandfathering’ existing contracts they also need to be torn up and ended.

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