South Kent Samsung project – please comment

EBR Registry Number: 011-5964:  South Kent Wind LP, (Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. and Pattern Energy) a class 4 wind facility consisting of 127 turbines, two transformer substations, and collection/transmission lines.

8 thoughts on “South Kent Samsung project – please comment

  1. This is insane , the damn things already cover most of south kent , what is wrong with the lieberals,

  2. The stench –
    looking for ‘like minded’ employees – to work with Randy!

    Mayor Randy Hope said the Municipality would take its time to find Browning’s replacement.

    Title: Get Out!

    Before he left Browning stated: “I have worked 33 years in the service of citizens, and now I must take some personal time.
    Over these past three years as Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, I have learned much about life, community and teamwork.
    I have tried to lead with both my head and my heart and,
    to the substantial degree that I have succeeded, it is the direct result of the goodwill, energy,
    skills and community-mindedness of all of you.”

    Another traditionally minded CAO – gone!

  3. To Monica
    And everyone in Chatham-Kent. I am so sorry – this is beyond insane – does this ever end?
    Our hearts go out to all of you. This should not be happening in any free country in the world.
    It is like something out of a science fiction movie. We are all being taken over and invaded by monstrous machines. Your area is the face of what is to become of the rest of us in rural Ontario and it scares the hell out of me. Hang in there – we are fighting back in Haldimand and will keep on fighting for our rights and those of our children and grandchildren, (what a legacy we will be leaving to them)
    We will be there with you and all the others on April 3rd for the UnFit Protest.

  4. For comments I sent the letter ‘An apology to children of Ontario’

    This is a small portion of this wind farm.

  5. It turns out no comments allowed. Reason; This project is exempt from public comment. “Since the REA application was received on January 9, 2012 and deemed complete on February 7, 2012, Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. and Pattern Energy have proposed changes to the project.”

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