Haldimand Wind appeal needs community support

By Ernie King, South Cayuga, vice president of Haldimand Wind Concerns
As we have stated from the beginning of this fight to regain our way of life and our right to choose a healthy environment, we will challenge any proponent desiring to change forever our rural way of life.  We can do that only if funds permit. Alarming as it may seem, the current provincial government repeatedly refuses to hear the truth about their devastating plan.

No matter how many times they have been informed by many people of different professions expressing the real facts, they continue to allow wind turbines to be constructed throughout our province.

We are now faced with this very challenge of an opponent’s approval. NextEra has been given their approval to proceed.

We have retained the legal expertise of Eric Gillespie to file an appeal of this approval and represent our best interests moving forward. Eric and his team will be working for this county’s concerned folks by representing Haldimand Wind Concerns.

He will take the best avenue to challenge this proponent in bringing justice into our lives. Please stand with us as we defend our county from this travesty. We feel very confident that Eric and his team will bring an end to the injustice we are facing throughout Ontario. Please support our efforts today as we proceed towards a justifiable end.

I have stated many times that I am in this until the end. The end to me is when the travesty before us has been stopped. I and everyone working on this committee are very determined to do just that.

To show my determination and dedication, my wife and I have donated $5,000 towards our legal fund. I am not telling everyone this because I can afford this amount; I am telling you all this because I can’t afford not to.

My family will lose far more than that if this plan is allowed to construct any of these over-subsidized industrial-sized turbines. I am challenging each and every concerned citizen of this great county and province to find it in their heart to donate as much as they can honestly afford towards our efforts. Without the support required to proceed, we will not be able to complete this challenge.

Mail-in Donation Form

Donations also accepted through any CIBC branch;  transit #04072; acct#6316018
Thank you all.

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  1. Thank you to Ernie King and his family for their generous commitment to this issue. Your efforts help everybody who is pro-health, pro-family and pro-democracy.

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