Windmills (Used to Make us Smile)

Lyrics by Andy Slide, music by Nic Yown. All original. Recorded by the el Raunchos using remote and primitive gear. (Yown on guitar and vocals, Slide on harmonica and vocals with keys by Wawa Kesh). Studio and live Queen’s Park event versions to follow. This song was written to oppose the way in which the Government of Ontario is introducing wind power; using legislation to squash community rights and give foreign corporations profit under the guise of mythical job creation.

8 thoughts on “Windmills (Used to Make us Smile)

  1. One part i do not agree with “just because it is green does not make it right”. It is not green at all. Label it green is a hoax created by the corporate fiction elites and they labelled it that way for the brainwashed society we live in and cash in our families slave labour. They take that money we slaved for into their fictional world which we will never see and keep us deeper into slavery because we run deeper into dept and they can coral us easier to were they can further do what they please. We will be left with hardly nothing with the destruction of our community and future for our children,you call that green? This is a good example to get brainwashed people upset with the awaken people knowing their agenda and call them anti-green. A smart move on the corporate fictional parasites and the dumb ass land hostess side.

    • Forgot to mention that is a nice song and i know what we all are trying to do is end the nightmare. I thought by now Dalton would have realize how much damage he has committed to ruining our communities and robbing ours and futures generations from this misguided quest for destruction. He really needs his head examined and be held totally responsible and somehow punished by a real jury for what he did.

  2. To McGuinty: I just wonder if it was all worth it after all the destruction you have done to Ontario and all the lives you have ruined with your “Green Scam” to be remembered as the “worst Premier Ontario has ever endured in it’s history”?
    Your children will be ashamed of you along with all future generations of school children who will read your sad epitaph in their history books.
    Wouldn’t want to be like you!

    • Hey thebiggreenlie,
      McGuinty Liberal leadership skills – have many tentacles – all designed around
      the environment, and saving the planet.
      It has nothing to do with ‘common sense’ – or ‘traditional values’.
      Money follows the incentives!!!!

  3. I hate it when people use the word “windmills” when they are referring to wind turbines, afterall, IWT’s are not milling anything. However, I will forgive these guys for doing so. Great job and I look forward to seeing you in TO on Tuesday.

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