Windsor green energy firm feels snubbed in federal budget

CBC News
Officials from CS Wind, which manufactures wind turbine towers in Windsor, feel the green energy industry was ignored in the federal budget delivered Thursday. Finance minister Jim Flaherty focused on oil, gas and mining. “He did not mention the renewable energy sector once and that’s quite disappointing to us,” said Patrick Persichilli of CS Wind. “We were looking to the federal government to signal a change in policy. We didn’t see anything like that.” Read article

26 thoughts on “Windsor green energy firm feels snubbed in federal budget

  1. Cry me a freaking river. (I like the graphic OWR) The IWT industry is already getting Ontario $$$$$$$ by the bucket load, they want federal money too? Getting hosed provincially is bad enough. Harper is too shrewd to get into the IWT debate. Notice how the Minister of Health has put federal IWT guidelines (which were to mirror Ontario’s guidelines) on hold after the outcry from Ontario residents.

  2. “We disagree fundamentally that oil and gas is the key to the future of this country,” Persichilli said.

    He really means…not the key to HIS future.

  3. “Patrick Persichilli of CS Wind feels snubbed by Ottawa. (CBC News)”…………wait until this guy along with all the other Wind Crooks get summoned in front of a judge to answer for their disgusting actions with McGuinty and OUR $$$!
    Just like Smitherman will have to do next week as he has been called in to testify about his actions in ORNGE!!!!!

  4. This fellow appears to have no idea as to the world market events taking place in the wind and solar sectors. Canada can’t compete with asian countries in wind and solar manufacturing.
    The decline in manufacturing in Canada means that the natural resources will have to be sold to keep people employed and the country afloat.

  5. What’s ‘bozo the clown’ Patrick Persichilli – talking about?
    or, was it another ‘hot topic’ day @ the CBC?

  6. Obviously the federal government has undertaken an economic analysis of using wind turbines to produce electricity. Unlike the provincial government, which was lambasted by the Auditor General for the lack of any economic analysis before betting the future of Ontario on highly subsidized and inefficient wind turbines and solar panels.

    • Hey Simcoe surfer,
      Finally – Canada out of Kyoto – and now this…………

      ‘[excerpt] Ottawa, Canada, March 29, 2012: “The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) congratulates the Government of Canada for removing from the federal Budget the misleading language of previous Budgets concerning clean air and climate change,” said Tom Harris, executive director ICSC which is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. “In past years, this serious science mistake, appearing repeatedly in such an important document, contributed to public confusion about the distinctly different approaches needed to address these two issues. This mistake has now been corrected and therefore a more productive debate about environmental protection will be possible moving forward.”’

      So then – it’s safe to assume McGuinty Liberals will take direction from Ottawa –
      and make similar ‘corrections’ – effective immediately!

      Turn the music up!

  7. Sorry but sink or swim. The federal government understands a bad investment unlike the provincial zombies. The Chinese deflate the value of there currency to help business but the sure won’t throw 10 times the value of a product in subsidies. If CS wind thinks they have a viable business they be smoking the same stuff McGuinty is. The protectionist clauses will only last so long then we will have another vacant building in Windsor.

  8. To Mr. Persichilli of CS Wind,
    Why don’t you operate your company without the welfare payments? Like all honest hard-working people do.You could make a valuable contribution to your community. Maybe even make a few bucks for yourself. Without having to steal from society to perpetuate your situation.

    If you understand what an addict really is, it is frightening how similar the two situations are.

    Corporate Welfare Addicts

  9. Persichilli… Another parasitic waste of skin, IMHO..Just another carpetbagger..Yes, without subsidies, he’s done like dinner.. looks good on him and his company….Too bad, so sad……

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