WindTronics leaves Windsor, takes $2.7M provincial grant with it

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A local wind turbine manufacturer that blew into Windsor with great fanfare is leaving. After two years in operations, the president of WindTronics said the provincial feed in tariff (FIT) program is not working for him, so he’s moving the business to Michigan. Michigan-based WindTronics produced small residential wind turbines. The government said it’s given the company more than enough help and that the company may be leaving the province on the hook for a massive grant that never created jobs.   Read article

23 thoughts on “WindTronics leaves Windsor, takes $2.7M provincial grant with it

  1. Bye Bye –
    and thanks for the ‘stash’ – don’t call us – we’ll call you!

    ‘[excerpt] Michigan-based WindTronics produced small residential wind turbines.

    The government said it’s given the company more than enough help and that the company may be leaving the province on the hook for a massive grant that never created jobs..

    The province gave the company $2.7 million to open in Windsor — under one condition. The company promised there would be 200 workers in the plant by the end of this year. That is now very unlikely.

    “Until further notice we are suspending operations in Ontario,” president Reg Adams said.

    Adams blames the province, specifically the feed in tariff program. He said he was promised payouts for those producing wind energy for the grid would increase. They never did and the province is now scaling back the FIT program.

    Energy minister Chris Bentley isn’t making any apologies.

    “We’re a leader,” he said of Ontario and its Green Energy Act. “We’re sorry this company is not going to be part of that leadership. But we are absolutely a leader in green energy throughout the world.

    Since Windtronics never did bring those 200 jobs to the area, Bentley said the province is investigating whether it can recover any of the $2.7 million it gave the company.’

  2. “It’s symbolic,” said Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis, noting that almost everyone in his city has been affected by the decline in the auto sector. “We’re making the transition from one sort of manufacturing to a new type.”

    Yup……thats the wind industry, steal and scam,spam and steal,promises and promises..sound familiar?

  3. For those interested,

    NDP leader, Andrea Horwath has opened up a hot line to get opinions from voters on whether she should send us back to the polls.

    I called and said McGuinty’s budget will not create new jobs, GEA will cost far too many jobs in the manufacturing sector as well as drive the price of hydro threw the roof so yes we should go back to the polls.

    If anyone else wants to call, the number is toll free 1-855-668-2348.

    • Hey Andrew Hoag,
      Wrong # – no thanks!
      Ontario citizens do not need help from the NDP.
      McGuinty Liberals and others – created this mess, and should be held –

      • Unfortunately, right now we do need the NDP in a “non confidence” vote on this farce of a budget. No other way to bring this arrogant bunch of Fiberals to account for ruining Ontario.

  4. Trying to reason with crooks and tyrants is futile!…………………our only hope at this point for survival in our respective townships is to go right after local councils tooth and nail and hold them accountable for every single decision they make that affects people’s lives locally.
    Up our way we are experiencing the closure of Post Offices, gas stations, dump sites and our main Industry, logging!
    It has become abundantly clear that Rural Ontario is now under attack and the end game is DE-POPULIZATION!
    We will not allow this to happen!!!!

    • ……the stakes have been raised. Cutting off transportation in the north clearly shows Agenda 21 at work. Here, we fight what we think is a single issue. Turbine encompass many singular issues that contribute to Agenda 21. Yes, we must continue to strengthen the responsibility of local governments.The entire concept of de-populization begins at the county level. Amalgamation was the beginning, Regionalism is next. Grey county is proposing an amalgamation with Bruce county, forming a region. I suspect that we will see a transformation in the Legislature and Commons, eliminating the third party. Protesting has to be continual. Letter writing must continue. I am told by someone that has a working knowledge of governments campaign to oppress,divide and conquer that until we get off our couches and do something, nothing will change. The person speaks of the need for MASS uprisings. The great work of everyone here on this site and the many others through out the world is inspiring and brings hope. I truly hope that on April 3rd., the protest turns into the biggest ever seen. I would like to see people from all over the province bringing all of the problems with government to the protest. Caution is needed though. Please be aware that some selected buses will have placement agitators aboard ( you can figure out which entity that they work for). Do not get caught up in trap. Peace and love for all. April 3rd is near, 5 4 3 2 1 and counting.

    • I’m not sure that depopulation is a ‘goal’ but it certainly will be a ‘consequence’! Highest rates for electricity… here we come. And industry? There they go!

      I think that the McGuinty Liberals do have a goal with regards to rural Ontario and that is very simply to make life miserable for homeowners in the country (as opposed to farmers). With no consideration for the impact that IWTs have on property values, it is not a big secret that they are doing a pretty doggone good job of it. What perhaps people haven’t figured out is that by doing so, they are able to implement (via a back door approach) the primary recommendations of a report that was originally commissioned in 1991 when John Sewell was appointed to be the chair of the Commission on Planning and Development Reform in Ontario. The era here we are talking about is the end of the David Peterson Liberal government and the start of the reign of terror by Bob Rae and the NDP. John Sewell hated the idea of city borders continuing to expand and farms undergoing further subdivision for the purpose of putting up houses. Well…. by crowding the rural areas with IWTs, don’t they achieve that goal? After all, who in their right mind would buy land in the country to put a house on it? Mike Harris was able to restore some sanity to land use for a while but with the Liberals running the show today, what you are essentially seeing with IWTs is the manifestation of the Sewell philosophy. And some people have the nerve to suggest that Steven Harper has a hidden agenda!

      • “I’m not sure that depopulation is a ‘goal’ but it certainly will be a ‘consequence’! Highest rates for electricity… here we come. And industry? There they go! ”
        Read the interview with Maurice Strong….Cloak of Green.

        Collapsing wealthy industrialized nations is a primary goal.
        De-population according to some influential players, is a must in dealing with the global food and water supply.

        Please read-up. You will be shocked as to who is saying what and their opinions on sustainability.

      • Have heard several times on TV these past few days that lowering corporate taxes has not led to creating more jobs but nothing was said about the high energy costs driving business out. Low corporate taxes won’t help if electricity cost is too high to do business here and electricity price keeps on increasing.

  5. I honestly don’t think any of them want to have an election.
    NDP – $3 million owed for last election, Liberals – $3 million. PC’s – $6 million.

    Although personally I would love to see an election so we can boot McGuinty and his gang green out!!!!!!!

    • BUT…they know once they get in as a majority they can rob us of our tax dollars and pad their war chest like McGuinty did to stay in power for a very long time…………..McGuinty bought (stole) at least the last 2 elections!!!!!

    • Petra,
      We just had an election.
      The question is:
      Why are local councils not stepping up ‘the heat’ ?
      – instead, we see them discussing and evaluating
      and re evaluating the economics.
      It’s a tourist attraction! Ugh!

      ‘Human well being’ should be the issue. Period.
      Back room deals – should be the focus, and on the minds of all citizens.
      Surely to goodness something is going on.
      Secrecy breeds contempt!

      • Yes, I am well aware that we just had an election in October 2011.

        You ask why councils are not stepping up the heat.

        Some councils are or are at least trying to do something.

        But when you have a council which has bent over backwards helping the IWT industry. Made no effort in trying to keep IWT’s out of the county or at least minimizing them, accepting the Vibrancy Fund, your mayor appearing in a Samsung ad., etc. Also there is no municipal election for another 2.5 years.
        You then tend to hope for the unrealistic.
        The unrealistic being that the NDP will vote with the PC’s. The budget gets defeated. We will have an election and McGuinty will get his a$$ booted out as Premier. The PC’s have a majority government and put a STOP to all of the IWT nonesense.
        Unrealistic. I know. But there is always a tiny glimmer of hope.
        This scenario will eventually happen, but how many more turbines will be erected BEFORE this happens?

    • Looks like running the rural PC campaign won’t cost much next time around but the urban areas are a different story.

  6. Hello Windsor!

    Oh Yeah – ‘I’m hot’ Pupatello – it’s a sign – …………to nowhere land!

    ‘[excerpt] It’s a sign people “believe in our city,” said Ontario Economic Development Minister Sandra Pupatello,
    who’s also the MPP for Windsor West.

    WindTronics’s project is the first in what Pupatello and Ontario’s minister of finance, Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Dwight Duncan,
    hope will be a long list of “green economy investments.”

    “Our skilled and productive workforce and business environment, which we continue to make more competitive,
    are helping the province to attract innovative and growing businesses like WindTronics,” Duncan said in a press release.’
    p.s. Introducing – Dwight Duncan -dah!

    Politicians shocked – it’s shocking! – just shocking!

    ‘[excerpt] Politicians in Windsor and Essex County slammed the provincial government at a joint meeting Wednesday night

    for not delivering on a plan to boost local employment.

    They want a meeting with their provincial counterparts.

    Local and provincial politicians had twice scheduled a special meeting to discuss unemployment.

    Both were later cancelled, because local MPPs couldn’t attend.

    With Windsor maintaining the highest unemployment rate in the country at 14.9 per cent, according to Statistics Canada,
    city councillor Bill Marra calls the province’s delay “abysmal.”

    “I hear people talk about alternative energy,” said Marra.

    “I hear people talk about transportation, the alternative automobile market. I hear health sciences.

    “We don’t have a definitive plan in place that establishes these themes and creates some direction and focus,

    and that’s my primary concern. Eight months to have a meeting? That’s embarrassing.”

    Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain said he doesn’t understand the “holdup, and he’s getting frustrated with it.

    “We set a go, it’s a go, then we cancel. We set a date, it’s a go, then we cancel it.
    Let’s set a date and go!
    These are jobs we’re dilly-dallying about.”‘

    Yup – Just a comedy – shocking!
    Got gum?

    • Does anyone know what the unemployment rate would be in Essex Co. if all the people who cross the border everyday to work in Michigan were counted/included with the unemployed in Essex Co.? These people would not be able to find work in the Windsor area. All the peolple who work in the States are helping to prop up Essex Co.

  7. In war, you sometimes have to play the game of doing things you otherwise wouldn’t do in order to be successful. Personally, I think the whole “poll the public” shtick is a delay tactic to negotiate with McShifty. Followed by either a ‘not a strong enough message’ or an ‘overwhelming message’ poll result that will be used to justify their decision.

    If there is the slightest chance that the 11 turbines planned within a 3km radius of the home we built will get kyboshed, then I’ll fill in the form. I may not like it, but I do know that if 10,000 people are going one way and I’m one of the few going a different way the likelihood of success is nil.

    I’m taking the Winston Churchill approach to things like this…”We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be…” . If that means begrudgingly filling out a form with even the slightest glimmer of hope, then so be it.

    I have a hunch that I am going to be doing many things over the next 12 to 24 months, or more, that I otherwise wouldn’t ever consider doing.

  8. Chris Bentley is such a clown. Being a world “leader” in stupidity is nothing to be proud of.

    Is it possible that Chris Bentley is trying to establish that Ontario was a “leader” in wind turbine development in order to excuse this government from having failed to learn from the mistakes of the jurisdictions that tried (and failed) with wind turbines before us?

  9. Maybe the Mayors of the cities and towns that have been screwed over by McGuinty may just want to get together without any Provincial mouth pieces in attendance and start to do something about svaing their towns instead of bowing down in front of these ignorant clowns from Queen’s Park?
    The discussion could go something like this: “how can we get away from this provincial destruction crew that is hell bent on wiping out what’s left of our Industry and work for our people?”……….one item could be on the discussion paper: “Secession”!
    Just the mention of that word by a good portion of Municipal reps would send the scare of a lifetime up McGuinty’s drawers! Can you imagine a bevy of fat bloated politicians sitting inside the Pink Palace at Queens Park Circle waiting for a cheque to arrive from the towns and cities outside Toronto that never comes any more? Without OUR money they would shrivel up and just blow away…………… election, no protests, no e mails..nothing!…just silence. Meanwhile all our money that we pay on our homes and businesses go directly into the Municipalities bank accounts and stays there for use BY the Municipality………….Geez, what a concept!

    • Dear friends.
      If we take politics to be a game like hockey, basketball or football, there are RULES or POWERS which each level of govt uses to CONTROL the game.
      These rules were established over the centuries by people like us who wanted the game to be “civilized”.
      Rules evolved for sovereign countries which sorted out which rules would aply to FEDERAL govts, which to provinces/states and finally, which rules would apply to municipalities.
      Municipalities are “creatures” of the provincial govt through the Municipal Act.
      So, IF we want the rules CHANGED, WE the people HAVE to ENGAGE in the political GAME EVERY DAY of the year!
      IF we let someone else play the game FOR US [as in “representative government”], s/he plays it h/er/is way.
      So, it’s up to every one of YOU, my friends, who want the rules of the game to change to get out there to-day and EVERY day to play the game of politics are hard as you can [NO WIMPING out allowed].
      As well, have fun while you’re at it, it will make the game easier to play.

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