Obama administration, 5 states reach deal to quicken approval of wind farms in Great Lakes

Washington Post
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — The Obama administration and five states have reached an agreement to speed up approval of offshore wind farms in the Great Lakes, which have been delayed by cost concerns and public opposition.  Under the deal, which administration officials disclosed to The Associated Press ahead of an announcement scheduled for Friday, state and federal agencies will craft a blueprint for speeding regulatory review of proposed wind farms. Read article

13 thoughts on “Obama administration, 5 states reach deal to quicken approval of wind farms in Great Lakes

  1. Another ideologue, green zealot bent on further economic destruction. I guess nobody has placed the German delays and difficulties with offshore construction on his teleprompter. “Professor” Chu of Solyndra fame must be advising him on this as well.

    • The Obama administration has already issued the orders to close down the US coal fired plants with nothing to replace this electric supply. Wind & solar can’t possibly be installed in time to replace these plants. Then the grid has to be built for them. Result will be the same as in Germany with no reliable source of electricity. Wnd and solar can’t produce reliable supplies of electricity anyway.

    • Nettie, be sure to copy David’s IWT sound/noise map and circulate it in the States as this kind of data in probably not available in the US.

  2. Birds and fish don’t observe borders–offshore wind turbines on the US side of the Great Lakes will affect Canadians, too…

  3. Well, except for the fact that birds and fish freely cross the border (and will be affected), the free enterpriser in me says to my beloved American friends and family “well, it is a dumb idea but do you want”. As an Ontarioan, we have enough work on our plate to convince people how outrageous anything to do with IWTs is.

  4. List of Great Lakes counties and cities that have rejected offshore wind (this list is not complete)

    Oceana County, Mich
    Shelby, Mich
    Pentwater, Mich
    Ludington, Mich
    Leamington, ON
    The State of New York
    Cape Vincent, NY
    Erie County, NY
    Oswego County, NY
    Chautauqua County, NY
    Niagara County, NY
    Jefferson County,NY
    Monroe County, NY
    Wayne, County, NY
    Irondequoit, NY

    • Indiana & Illinois have already signed on to land IWTs so offshore is next. Besides these states along with Michigan are big union states with members who think IWTs will bring back their high paying jobs.
      Michingan needs its tourist industry which is associated with the Great Lakes so they are crazy to sign on to this useless scheme. Wisconsin didn’t sign on as they also have a Great Lakes tourist industry along with Ohio.

  5. Obviously the Obama administration has little consideration of water acoustics; how noise travels across and in water or how it will impact the ecosystems and neighboring Canadians.
    There is also a fault line, known as the Clear Creek Ridge that runs from Clear Creek Ontario, south east to the American shoreline. Hello! Earthqake, tsunami? You can be assured, the turbines planned for the lakes will be the biggest yet.

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