NRWC to ‘respect the spirit’ of Green Energy Act meeting

Turbine group hosts public meeting in West Lincoln
by Amanda Moore, Niagara This Week
At first glance, Wendy Veldman thought she had won the lottery. The numbers on the contract in front of her were enticing and she started imagining all that she could do with that extra money. But Veldman felt she owed it to herself and her neighbours to look further into the matter, before agreeing to have an industrial wind turbine erected on her property. After doing some research and seeking legal advice, Veldman turned down the offer of what she calls an “absurd” amount. Even though turbines will be erected near her rural home, Veldman has no regrets about turning down offers from two companies, Niagara Region Wind Corp. (NRWC) and IPC Energy, proposing to erect turbines in West Lincoln. Read article

8 thoughts on “NRWC to ‘respect the spirit’ of Green Energy Act meeting

  1. There is some logical,thoughtful people out there and thanks for that. Thanks Wendy for no Windy Turbines on your property may your neighbours regret what they signed up for.

  2. Good for Wendy Veldman for looking beyond the $’s. I hope those who sigend up aren’t very close to you. If so, get out now.

    Message for Alvin Krol,
    The first wind farm (and all of them for that matter) is also the the home of abandoned homes, displaced families and ill people so they may look pretty to you and your innocent intuitive wife but anyone who visits a wind farm and doesn’t travel around to talk with many community members is getting themselves into a hell of a mess. Horse farms have been abandoned, homes abandoned. You can’t hear low frequency vibration when your sitting in your car or standing by a turbine. It passes through your buildings and they resonate. It builds and changes.
    You are putting your family in the path of danger. The audible noise from turbines varies day to day and hour to hour so do not assume you can’t hear any noise by a single drive to a windfarm.
    How many times do people need to be educated?

    This government and idustry is completely negligent, knowingly placing more and more people into postions of harm by promoting this and gagging people who want to talk.

  3. In reply to snowball: ‘This government and industry is completely negligent, knowingly placing more and more people into positions of harm by promoting this and gagging people who want to talk.’
    Exactly right ‘Snowball’! Have you been into legal dictionary definitions under ‘negligence’? All, including ‘criminal negligence’, suggest McGuinty’s GEA, as being used by the Ontario Wind Energy industry, applies to every legal definition of negligence.
    Quite frankly, I am still curious as to why no one, including lawyers defending Wind Action Groups and other opponents of IWTs, seem to raise this point?
    It’s a sad day when a supposedly democratic country(province)approves bad legislation that allows private companies to actually harm citizens both physically and economically without ever having to answer for it?
    It’s even sadder that so many on our side still accept the fact that some of these ‘contracts’, because they have been approved, will be allowed to go ahead?
    The article seems to somehow imply, from a comment made by a NRWC spokesperson, that NRWC will comply ‘with the spirit’ of the recent and meaningless changes to the GEA and that somehow, will make everything alright? How can any report give credibility to such misinformation?
    What a total crock! Unless all the citizens who will be negatively affected by this project all keep on fighting to have them actually stopped, NRWC will just continue to trample over our rights, our countryside and our communities and laugh all the way to the bank having assured their future comfortable retirements, paid for by our childrens taxes, and without ever having had to justify what they are doing to us without accepting any responsibility or accountability?
    I think we have to get all our local elected Councils totally engaged and actually fight these projects step by step anyway they can!
    Without this our groups will just continue to run round and around in circles whilst the Ontario wind energy companies scramble to get as many contracts approved in the hopefully mistaken belief that when this scam is actually recognised for the scam it is, they will still be able to collect the ridiculous profits they have been promised even as the IWTs they leave behind become individual and enormous heaps of junk littering our once unspoilt countryside.

    • absolutely yes , “completely negligent’
      we must take this to court , class action by All harmed in Rural ON.

      absolutely this just cannot go on…….

  4. Maybe the only way now is to physically stop the turbines from being installed? How much more proof is needed now?

  5. There is a history to that $50,000.00 . The Brotherhood banded together for that amount .I’m being cynical now because I was privy to watching the events unfold .After attending one of their four meetings { I was not invited again because I raised the health concern issue }.Only those who intended to sign a lease were welcome.
    The previous contract had been half that amount and with OFA’s assist the farmers upped the ante to that amount of 50 thou .It was a take it or lose all prospective signees .With so many turbines at stake and time invested the developer agreed .
    At the Mar .26 council meeting a resident handed petition sheets with 265 signatures FOR wind turbines backed by a strong presence of wind proponents .
    These people just don’t get it and if this travesty is not stopped there will be far too many MONUMENTS to STUPIDITY ruining our countryside .

    • Were there outsiders among the wind proponents at the council meeting? The same with the petitions? The rent-a- mob?

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