April 3: International Protest Day against Windpower


EPAW and NAPAW – Opposition to windpower fascism is spreading across the world. From Canada to New Zealand, there are today over 2,800 citizen groups fighting against the corruption, the speculation, and the violence to populations carried out in the name of windpower.   745 Supporter websites will carry the voice of these opponents. This list is far from being complete.

On April 3rd, 2012, groups from Ontario will mobilise to show their discontent.  In Germany, other groups will act in various ways to express their solidarity with their Canadian colleagues, and with all the others that are fighting against windpower fascism across the world.

8 thoughts on “April 3: International Protest Day against Windpower

  1. Thank you! At last a day worth observing. Thank you Epaw, na-paw and waubra for joining and all the others who will join in.

  2. Here in Wales UK people are waking up to the massive scam of wind energy. We support you and everyone one else across the world who refuse to swallow the lies and spin of the wind industry and the despicable green groups who have been seduced by donations from these charlatans.

  3. Someone send this to Jutta. She seems unaware of problems anywhere and talks about Germany as the Valhalla of wind turbine bliss.

  4. Thanks to the organizers. Around the world we stand together for justice and humanity.

    Sherri, Lorrie, Maureen, all of you who made this come together. Marc, Sarah, and others, Thanks!


    • Dear Bill

      You, too, deserve Kudos and thanks for those incredible graphs which your research into Ontario govt records and documents have given life.

      They speak volumes about the deception on which the whole IWT fraud was framed.

      All Ontario victims of IWTs will be, I’m sure, eternally grateful.

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