Manitoulin Islanders voice opposition to wind turbines – Ruth Farquhar

By Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star
It was a perfect moment. The eagle soared so high that it started to go out of sight, and one First Nations member said it is taking our message to the creator.  One can only hope.  It couldn’t have been a better day to gather in protest of the industrial wind turbines proposed for McLean’s Mountain on Manitoulin Island. The sun was shining, children and adults carried signs, First Nations and non-Natives drummed and sang and speakers spoke with passion.  Read article

6 thoughts on “Manitoulin Islanders voice opposition to wind turbines – Ruth Farquhar

  1. I sure hope the creator can whisper a message in Dalton’s ear….the sooner the better, before any more communities are fractured, habitat is destroyed and people’s health is jeopardized.
    Keep praying!

    • In order for McSquinty to hear the creater, he needs ears and a processing centre (brain) He has neither, as a matter of fact an earthworm comes to mind. Hope I didn’t insult those little critters lol

  2. I hope the First Nations will be in Toronto tomorrow with their drums it would add a great deal.

  3. Wow. Much like at the beginning of our Zephyr protest in Watford this spring- a flock of tundra swans flew overhead… a month early… protesting with us.
    Good on you Manitoulin– keep your island beautiful and clean!

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