Power protest blows into Toronto

By Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – Anti-wind protesters journeyed from across Ontario to demonstrate in Toronto Tuesday against the province’s green energy subsidy plan. Farmer Pat Jilesen, who raises hogs near Port Elgin in Bruce County, said his hydro bill has gone through the barn roof with off-peak power alone up 80% between 2008-2011.
The cost of running his business and the price of his food is being driven up, he said. “And I’d like everybody in the City of Toronto to understand that,” Jilesen said at a Queen’s Park media conference Tuesday. Read article

4 thoughts on “Power protest blows into Toronto

  1. What a day!…exceptional work!…..MSM…documentary (Ill Wind ) ,students writing about the subject….. a few politicians… Stephana……so much more…..could not have asked for much more and it was all from our point of view………..tired…bed time!….thanks Lorrie

  2. Thanks Lorrie, it was a great day supporting each other. I would like to think we got the message out, I hope at least a few more were given something to think about. Main stream media continues to say little about this issue.Thank goodness for Sun News & Sun Media they are in my opinion the only places you ever find much truth or coverage. A big THANK YOU to them. Premier Dad is sill saying he is listening and we have a choice. What a joke!!

  3. That looks likeChatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope(less) and Diane Zimmerman of Suncor spinning around together on that protester’s turbine?? Do tell…are they in bed together… so to speak?????

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