Wind power opponents plan massive protest; premier thinks he “appeased” them

Canadian Press,  Winnipeg Free Press
TORONTO – Premier Dalton McGuinty says recent changes to Ontario’s clean energy plans should help appease opponents of wind power.  His comments come ahead of a rally planned in downtown Toronto to protest the feed-in-program, known as FIT, which opponents say has led to “unbridled and unnecessary development” of industrial wind power projects throughout the province.

They argue the projects are damaging to rural communities, causing power bills to rise and making some people sick.

McGuinty points to recently announced plans to lower the premiums the province pays for future wind and solar energy projects, which he says will drive down costs.

He also says the province will favour projects proposed in communities that support the turbines, although the government has stopped short of giving municipalities a veto over new green energy installations.

More than 40 groups are expected to take part in the protest at a FIT convention, which will be followed by a march.

5 thoughts on “Wind power opponents plan massive protest; premier thinks he “appeased” them

  1. Well, McGuinty’s comment about favouring projects proposed in communities that support the turbines, is a bunch of nonsense. The residents of Amherst Island overwhelmingly oppose the installation of a wind turbine factory consisting of 33-37 550 ft high turbines. The only people in support are a handful of landowners who are benefiting financially from leasing their land to the turbine developers. So, Premier McGuinty, in light of this do you now propose to stick to your words and cancel this proposed contract seeing as the majority of residents oppose it?

  2. McGuinty tries to weasel out of another mess. How is he going to gauge opposition/support? My mayor desperately wanted them but none of the citizens did. In the end, the mayor did whatever he wanted.

  3. As this opposition to the GEA and IWT’s heats up,, I believe it’s just a matter of time before people will have had enough of the governments dictatorial, attitude, and civil unrest will be the order of the day, IMHO.. I can’t see it any other way. It will probably take that, and another election , to get things turned around.. People can only stand indecision for so long.. Only my opinion…

    • Sparky
      I couldnt agree more.. I feel like a caged animal.. this is not a democracy!! They are planning 60 -100 turbines in our area, next to my farm as well.
      I feel as though cival unrest is only thing that is left…. unfortunately… maybe it would get someones attention if a couple of major hiways were backed up due to slow moving farm equipment that made its way there…….

  4. When we got off our bus, there was a camera crew. A documentary filmmaker, have his card. Many post ed kids doing reports,lots of media,politicians, and us. April 3rd was a success!!!!! I had to laugh at all the windies scrambling to take pics of us. we had people walking up and asking questions. I feel like a truck ran over me and I need sleep. It was a great day and everyone should be proud…..extremely proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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