Wind “wanna-be developer” files $1-billion lawsuit against Ontario

CBC News
Ontario’s Liberal government is facing a $1-billion lawsuit for imposing a moratorium on offshore wind farms.  Southpoint Wind filed suit in Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Windsor, Ont., claiming damages for the confiscation of its property and reimbursement of its costs. The company tried to develop wind power projects near the communities of Leamington, Union and Kingsville before the government announced a moratorium on offshore wind farms in February 2011.

SouthPoint says the government arbitrarily cancelled applications for offshore wind development without notice, and did so with the intent to stop its projects.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Energy Minister Chris Bentley says SouthPoint did not have a contract with the province, and the government intends to defend the lawsuit.

Bentley had a similar response to a $300-million suit filed against the government last week for cancelling a natural gas plant in Mississauga, Ont., in the middle of last fall’s election campaign.

“The government intends to vigorously defend this statement of claim,” Energy Minister spokesperson Paul Gerard wrote in an email. “As the matter is before the courts, I cannot comment further.”

12 thoughts on “Wind “wanna-be developer” files $1-billion lawsuit against Ontario

  1. Between the lawyers fees and the actual settlements to these carpet-baggers, Ontario will be bankrupt even without one more Wind Turbine being erected……………..of course that won’t happen and it will be just a graveyard with a bunch of whirlygigs reigning over one ghost town after another.
    And McGuinty is still in power?………………can anyone tell me why?

    • So true. Here’s how to destroy the economy of a province in 5 easy steps… First – Pour money into the IWT/gas backup/infrastructure projects at a rate that is TEN TIMES what tried and true combined cycle gas turbines would be (and because combined cycle is far more efficient than the backup used for wind power), you could get the same amount of electrical output for no increase in gas and NO WIND TURBINES); Second – Get your butt sued off because of completely fiascos like the one this story is about; Third – Destroy the property tax base of rural Ontario because their property values have dropped like a rock; Fourth – Lose the manufacturing sector and its tax base and employment as it flees in droves because of high electrical rates and high taxes; Fifth – Spend tons more money tearing down the IWT structure that is built when it is realized that (as pointed out in Step one) that the whole thing was an ENRON style scam that never had a hope of working. Oh… and no doubt there will be a steps 6 and 7 because there are always those ‘unintended consequences’ that we just don’t know what they are or their magnitude. But we will soon….. Maybe the incredible welfare and unemployment costs when the manufacturing sector leaves town? Or how about that incredible ballooning provincial debt that is now hanging over everyone’s heads?

  2. 100 years ago tar and feathers would have been used on a crook like mcguinty. Betcha the New dippers keep him in power and go with his budget

  3. Perhaps its time to unleash a 20 billion class action suit?

    and a few tractors up the 400 and 401……..

  4. Can anybody tell me who is NOT suing McGuinty?!!!

    If the NDP had any brains they would vote down the latest budget and get this McGuinty clown out of power before there is nothing left of Ontario to govern……but they won’t.

  5. Perhaps we should be running a lawsuit list on the side of the site:
    -$1 billion Southpoint Wind
    -$300 million EIG Management gas plant cancellation
    -$775 million NAFTA challenge from T. Boone Pickens
    -$2.25 billion from Trillium Wind Power Corp
    -possible penalties from WTO

    $4.3 billion and I have a bad feeling this is just the beginning.

    • Good idea. Handy place to refer those who don’t believe what this could end up costing Ontarians.
      Another list needed for all the sleazy companies involved in renewable energy projects here.

  6. The wind companies and their Liberal government benefactors claim that:

    1) Wind turbines are nice to look at
    2) Wind turbines attract tourism
    3) Wind farms are not harmful to the environment
    4) Wind farms do not kill animals

    If this is the case, then why not locate the industrial turbines in provincial parks (where nobody lives). Ontario has millions of acres of park land to choose from. Algonquin Park alone has some of the highest elevations in the province and a major transmission line runs through it already. The benefits of doing this include:

    1) Huge cost savings by eliminating the land leases paid to landowners by Ontario taxpayers
    2) A potential boost in tourism for Provincial Parks
    3) Putting to rest the divisions we are seeing in every rural community located near a proposed site

    The irony is that a ton of legislation exists to block this from happening to these uninhabited parts of the province, while at the same time the Green Energy Act has taken away the rights of the citizens living next to the proposed sites.

  7. Any Country or Region wanting to attract tourists, usually advertises the rivers, lakes, beaches, beautiful countryside, mountains, waterfalls etc.

    Speaking of Tourism – Germany hits new green-power milestone

    In the Schorfheide region, a popular weekend retreat for Berliners just north of the capital, you can find more and more villages openly advertising the absence of windmills as one of their features.

    • But the CS Monitor forgot to mention that German businesses are indicating that they will have to leave the country due to the lack of a reliable source of electric power to continue manufacturing.

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