Formerly pro-wind, ECFA now supports moratorium on wind turbines

Leamington Post
A local farm organization, at the behest of its parent group, has changed its position on wind turbines. Leamington council last week learned that the Essex County Federation of Agriculture is now in support of a moratorium on the turbines.  “We’re are now against – the new president (of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture) wants the moratorium,” said Councillor Larry Verbeke, a local federation member. He agreed the position conflicts with the earlier stance of the county farm group.

The moratorium issue arose at the council meeting because of a letter from the municipality of Clarington seeking Leamington’s support for the proposal. Clarington says many other municipalities support the move, as well as the provincial farm organization.

Clarington’s letter indicates it wants to see the issue discussed by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).

Leamington councillors did not support Clarington’s letter.

1 thought on “Formerly pro-wind, ECFA now supports moratorium on wind turbines

  1. Larry Verbeke is a farmer who wants turbines, so he is actually indicating that the OFA and ECFA were in fact promoting industrial wind with their membership. No kidding! when OFA organized meeting after meeting with wind developers to peddle their wares. The change of heart is too late for most of SW Ont. and certainly all of Essex and Kent so forgive me if this change of position feels a little hollow.

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