Protesters stand by claims of illness

By Denis Langlois, Owen Sound Sun Times
TORONTO — Barb Ashbee says she started getting sick as soon as the industrial wind turbines near her former Shelburne area home started to spin. It began with sleep deprivation, then stomach aches. Her husband fell ill too, she said. “As time went on, we got sicker and sicker,” Ashbee said in an interview Tuesday aboard a coach bus filled with anti-turbine protesters. Nausea, dizziness and memory problems soon joined the list of symptoms. Read article

2 thoughts on “Protesters stand by claims of illness

  1. I believe you , I have had tinitus since they started up and last, novemeber I got vertigo. I litterly fell down and couldn’t get up for 20 minutes .The doctors can’t find a reason. Last week I was walking in a field about 300 yards from a spinning turbine , the tinitus became so bad that after I got home I could barely hear the TV news, It went away afte several hours. I believe these things are destroying our health and well being and destroying our homes and happiness. They must be stopped and removed along with the liberals. I wonder why there is nothing on any of the news stations covering this.If a politician so much as farts they are all over it, but this health hazzard , Nothing at all

    • Both my husband and I have developed severe tinnitus since the turbines went up. Have had to resort to sleeping pills when it gets bad. The tinnitus only comes on when the turbines are really spinning hard.

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