Wolfe Island couple loses property assessment challenge

By Paul Schliesmann The Whig-Standard
Ed and Gail Kenney are calling it a setback, not a defeat. The Wolfe Island couple learned this week that the potentially precedent-setting challenge to their home property assessment — based on the proximity of wind turbines — was unsuccessful.

“We’re quite emotional about this,” said Gail Kenney. “We feel that common sense has not prevailed in this issue. The ordinary person should be able to go to a tribunal without being opposed by these major law firms.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Wolfe Island couple loses property assessment challenge

  1. Ontario Citizens are living in Bizarro World right now……….at least that’s what the politician’s have done to this Province….Black is White, Right is Wrong and the people who asked US for our vote by stating publicly how they would “look after us if elected”, now are attacking us and trying to ruin our lives!
    It’s called a Tyranny!

  2. You want some evidence of property value decline due to the Wolfe Island wind mess? Come on over to Cape Vincent, NY

  3. So far the IWT companies have been willing to buy property distressed by their turbines but just wait until enough turbines are installed then the companies will stop buying the property. This is another ploy to get the turbines in with acts of good will. After the IWT installation phase is completed people will find out that their property will simply have to be abandoned. The companies are in and the money keeps rolling in. Properties will go back to the government to be sold at tax sales. Tax revenues will fall and a downward spiral sets in.
    Buying distressed IWT properties means losing money for IWT developers.These developers are willing to lose some money to get the IWTs in.

  4. For those with projects ‘planned’, it may be a wise expense to get an independent market value assessment before the project starts and then one after (hoping it doesn’t get that far of course). If you have no changes to your property and the delta between the assessments is less than 10% you will likely be challenged to have a case.

    Without any proof or evidence, it becomes the same as any other MVA appeal.

    • How about getting a REPLACEMENT VALUE ASSESSMENT from your insurance company?
      My house, surrounded by 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWTS all crammed in within a 3 km radius, has been for sale since Dec 15, 2010, the realtor has created a virtual tour from the 60 photographs my son gave him, there have been > 1000 “hits” and NOT A SINGLE potential buyer has come to see the house because their view of the 18 IWTs as they drive toward our blighted community has simply made them turn tail and drive away!

      I can’t even get REPLACEMENT VALUE for lakefront property on the north shore of Lake Erie.

      • Both are good but the law only recognizes appraisals done by certified appraisers.

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