Taking charities out of politics

By Christina Blizzard, QMI Agency
TORONTO – When is a charity not a charity?  When it dabbles in politics, according to Senator Nicole Eaton.  Eaton welcomes federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s recent budget announcement that he plans to make changes to the Income Tax Act to crack down on charities that use donations for political purposes.

Flaherty’s budget last month said, “Economic Action Plan 2012 proposes measures to ensure that charities devote their resources primarily to charitable, rather than political, activities, and to enhance public transparency and accountability in this area.”   Read article

8 thoughts on “Taking charities out of politics

  1. I LOVE IT! This is one of two Suzuki bashing articles in the sun today. The other one is about polar bears!;)

    • Money not only from the US but from all over the world tax free and real sources of the money is unknown. These so called “charities” provide a means of moving money all over the world and the providers get tax write-offs.

      • Unknown money cleaning,smacks of legit? mafia,gangster,drug etc…I can see it,Lordy Lordy…..from the green leaf/pod, to the green power, to the clean green buck….smacks of who really is in power?!

  2. Eventually scams get exposed and come to an end. This Green Scam has been ongoing for decades and has infiltrated all levels of Politics and Industry along with most Social programs world wide. Finally, we are seeing the unravelling of a very evil and criminal agenda that was anything but “Green”.
    Too bad there wasn’t one site where every traitor and scammer could be displayed for all to see!

  3. Welll,,, you will have to influence the funders. It’s amazing who funds this garbage…

    Environmental Education Programs
    School projects/field trips (linked to curriculum)
    Youth awareness programs
    Educational pamphlets/brochures/publications
    Environmental Research
    Feasibility studies required prior to environmental initiatives/action
    Energy Conservation
    Renewable energy installations
    Water Conservation

    Start your action by contacting them and asking why they fund renewable energy projects as a “charity”

    You can do it while you close your account — should you feel so inclined.

  4. Get funded by the FEDS — even better — more money.

    Surely you can dream up a research project. Surely there is a reason to investigate wind turbines. When you come up with one I will write your proposal. Now get cracking. (I usually get the approvals… so don’t delay.)

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