Birds will be in danger from turbines

By Bob Gaunt, Hagersville,
Once again, we sadly observe that the coveted loon is more powerful than the mighty eagle. In other words, the promise of relatively few dollars overrides concerns for endangered eagles in the idyllically named Summerhaven Wind Farm Project in Haldimand County. It may be a haven for investors, who enjoy the complicity of our government to harvest unseemly profits, but it is not a haven for wildlife. Read article

4 thoughts on “Birds will be in danger from turbines

  1. McGuinty should be jailed for this action. Bill 55 will “license” Wind Barons to MURDER Loons and Eagles along with any other wild bird that flies in the path of these machines with no charges!
    DISGUSTING…..I’m ashamed to call Ontario my home!

  2. “They promise to visit twice a week to record bird fatalities. ”

    Once again we hear a statement which would induce peals of laughter – followed by rage – if it were uttered in any other context except the Gang Green activities. What happened to all the eco nuts who were so concerned about the environment and the natural world? They live in the city, and I suspect many of them actually enjoy getting even with those who live in the country.

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