OFA didn’t want to politicize wind power: Wales

By Nelson Zandbergen – AgriNews
CHESTERVILLE — The Ontario Federation of Agriculture consciously chose not to speak out on wind power during last fall’s provincial election, says the president of the organization that called for a freeze on new wind farms at the beginning of this year. Mark Wales, keynote speaker at the Dundas Federation of Agriculture’s Feb. 29 annual general meeting, acknowledged the OFA “heard a lot of members through the fall” on the issue.  Read article

24 thoughts on “OFA didn’t want to politicize wind power: Wales

  1. “As alternative energy developers have fanned through rural Ontario, not every farmer has had the good fortune to be approached with a land-optioning offer. ”

    That’s a joke. Who wants to shake hands with the corportations wanting a “land-optioning” offer? Only a sell-out.

  2. The OFA “backed” the Green Energy Act!.they hosted meetings with the Green Energy Alliance (now OSEA). If that isn’t political I don’t know what is!
    Lies seem to be the flavour of this Industry and their “toadies”……………….OFA was losing too many members and they had to reverse their rhetoric before they became redundant!……………it all comes down to $$$$$$……..not CONSCIENCE!

    • I can’t believe how short they think our memory is… wow. I’m glad and all that they finally saw the light… but the OFA was Dalton’s wonder child during the election – he bragged about the OFA’s support of the GEA… at anytime the OFA could have told him to shove it, but they didn’t. Your silence was consent, Mr. Wales.

    • To be fair, I don’t think that they had any concept of how bad it would actually be. I don’t think that anybody actually did and hence the OFA bought into a bill of goods simply because they didn’t do their research and homework. My guess is that they honestly thought that the GEA ‘would be good for their members’. But give ’em credit… they did change their minds once they saw the light. Amazing what a bit of experience will do to one’s thinking.

      • Once they took on their initial position it would have been very difficult for them to switch sides and yet they did.

      • If you look closely, you will see Chris Bentley working the strings behind Mark Wales’ back. That fireside chat with the Energy Minister has taken some of the sting out of Wales’ more recent comments regarding the problems with the GEA and IWTs.

  3. I would say ALL farmers have been visited by some wind fart and only the smart ones took the NO option and didn’t tell their friends. Sad day of not communicating and splitting the community, all for what?
    Some of the green dreamers still believe in the Volt car..others have a laugh!

    • And therein lies the biggest issue! All farmers in a wind development should have been consulted, as well as rural residents and the municipality. This is not necessary and therefor rips apart communities. The GEA represents a move in Ontario towards socialism. And those of us who spoke out against the Libs, get their hospitals and bridges and jobs(jails) taken away!

      • Hell, they didn’t even contact schools/school boards that were adjacent to properties with turbines proposed… and ya know what? The MOE rubber stamped these project with a blind eye too.

  4. The government meets with wind developers.
    The government meets with OFA and like organizations.
    The government meets with lobbyists.
    The government meets with Environmental groups.
    The government meets with unions.
    The government meets with foreign corporations.
    The government meets with just about anyone promoting turbines
    But after many letters, emails, requests and thousands of complaints spanning many years now the government still will NOT meet with the victims.

    The OFA should have spoken up before the election. they knew as much then as they do now.
    Clearly the OFA is being bullied like everyone else. They were afraid to speak up in fear of the repercussions.
    And do not call the health issue is “unresolved”. Nobody believes that lie anymore.
    It’s an insensitive comment and an ongoing insult to those families who have been suffering.

    • “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” Bishop Desmond Tutu

      • EXACTLY what Mr. Tutu said. I don’t take this BS that they ‘didn’t know’ or didnt’ want to ‘interfere’. That might have flew 4 years ago, but NOT 6 months ago.

  5. Remember, OFA’s moratorium stance is only on NEW PROJECTS. Yes, they did “change their minds” but only after most of southern Ontario is going to be covered in turbines anyway.

    • Much like how McGuitny is going to give some say back to the municipalities for the ‘new projects’ … after he already approved 75% of the major projects!

  6. Spiegel ONLINE, Apr.3,2012
    “Bankruptcies Have German Solar on the Ropes” “Twilight of an industry”
    Spiegel ONLINE, Feb.27,2012
    “Germany Created Own Threat with Chinese Aid”
    The Chinese solar boom has been generously supported by German aid to China. Euro 9 billion from funds from the sale of CO2 Pollution certificates to German industry went to China.

  7. I guess Dr. P. hil would have to phrase him stock question in the past tense … “How did that work for ya ?”

    Doh !

  8. On the simple issue of protecting Cl 1 agricultural land from ondustrialization, OFA position should have been clear from the start. They have been coopted by McGuinty to support his GEA from the outset and to support him, or stay mute during the election. Now that he has 3 years or so to complete his wind industry plan, he has no further need of their support. It is far too late now for a change of policy.

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