Nextera explain “Community Vibrancy Fund” to Lambton Shores

Wind companies meet with council to discuss project
By Lynda Hillman-Rapley, Lakeshore Advance
Even with the outbursts from the gallery, Derek Dudek, NextEra Energy Canada, Community Relations updated Lambton Shores council regarding the Jericho WEC Project. They hope to begin construction in late summer 2013. They continue to do archaeological and ecological fieldwork as well as bat and bird monitoring throughout 2012. NextEra Energy Canada has been awarded approval under the province’s Feed-In Tariff program to sell energy to Ontario from NextEra’s proposed Jericho Wind Energy Centre, an up to 150-megawatt wind turbine project planned for Lambton Shores.   Read Article

12 thoughts on “Nextera explain “Community Vibrancy Fund” to Lambton Shores

  1. At the outset, annual turbine “farm” revenue is $ 53.2 million. At $ 2 million/year, they’re paying out less than 4%. Is it a bribe ? Call it what you want but it’s surely a sign of how much money’s slopping around in FIT projects.

  2. This money will do nothing for the poor saps that are stuck living with turbines. We have no compensation. Sickening. We might as well cry in the dark. I do a lot of that lately.

  3. No amount of money will ever repair the damage they do.
    It goes way beyond that. I guess the municipalites is the last hope they have and if the bribe is high enough some weak people collapse.
    Bullies and cowards can destroy everything.

  4. Our Mayor Ken Hewitt in Haldimand County went for that! He got to be in a Samsung commercial and returns e-mails of concerns with feisty defence of the turbines.
    Do not allow your town coundil to accept this bribe! I have no idea how this is ethical at all….. In Wainfleet, Mayor Jeffs and her council passed a bylaw on Tuesday (April 10) that setbacks have to be 2km with noise less than 32dB. They also turned down an application to run power lines through a right-of-way as part of one of the projects… Other communities in Ontario should follow the example set in Wainfleet!

  5. Clue: Yikes!
    Re: Vibrancy Fund………..’This will be in effect as long as the FIT agreement…..’

    ….and who’s kidding who?
    I mean – who’s directing the funds? –
    ‘She explained they have a preferred use of funds’ –
    (I’m getting a head-ache)
    but, I encourage you to read on……………….

    ‘[excerpt] “We realize there’s a need for the community to feel they’re all getting back something from these wind energy centres that are coming in,” spokesperson Josie Hernandez told QMI Agency, She explained they have a preferred use of funds- where we would like to see funds and right to review the funds and community recognition and don’t want to see this construed as money for roads during construction- those funds will be separate. This will be in effect as long as the FIT agreement- that will be 20 years for these annual dollars. In terms of use-preferred use- what we came up with- relating to energy sustainability, land stewardship, tree planting, and recreation facilities. Other items for roads and infrastructure, job training, education, community activities sanctioned by council. Hope to come to future delegations- to keep you up to date. Funds show case -what we are all about. Owner operators- experience -such a large company- illustrates tremendous economic development.’

    ‘[excerpt’ Councilor Doug Cook asked if the Community Vibrancy Fund was etched in stone. He was told the fund was prepared to use in all the communities with the financial terms of the agreement being used for every municipality. Cook felt that the use part should be negotiated within a municipality. Dudek said that was not etched in stone.

    Yeah – good question!

    If the FIT is scrapped – so is the ‘vibvrancy fund’ – but, you still end up with the ‘environmental destruction, and so on………’s that for doing business?

    Got more questions?

      • To “Free Thinker” and “M”…. I wrote Hewitt a letter telling him that “even if only ONE IWT was installed in Haldimand, he would NOT be getting my vote in the next municipal election” I followed it up with a second note telling him that not only would I NOT vote for him or our rep here in Ward 2, I would actively be supporting WHOEVER was running against him! His reply in return?? “I will NOT be threatened”! The people in south Haldimand already KNOW Hewitt is an “IDIOT” He’s also a LIBERAL! That’s even scarier!! I’d rather be governed by an “idiot” than by a LIBERAL! (that is if there really is a difference!)

      • Hey John Foreman,
        ….at the very least – Mr. Hewitt could be accused of mismanagement!
        and maybe – he should be asked to resign!

  6. Hewitt can be accused of greed. HE won’t be living near turbines as he lives in Caledonia. He didn’t get my vote last time and he won’t get it EVER. He can not be trusted.

  7. Oh! How the money goes round……………….!!!
    So the ‘Vibrancy Funds’ will be paid only to the Councilors and worse, their bureaucrats, to decide how best to spend it ‘in the best interests of their communities’?
    Whoopy doo! You can guarantee seeing all your Councilors and their staff driving bigger cars and upgrading their homes.
    I think calling them ‘bribes’ is probably far too honest a word to use. I’m not sure any appropriate word even exists in the dictionary.
    For a pittance, from the enormous tax subsidised profits they will get , enshrined in long term contracts underwritten by your provincial government, the wind energy companies will buy your health, buy your properties and buy the ultimate destruction of your communities, all without recompensing a single resident and/or homeowner with even a single penny.
    Sadly, I don’t think Ontario has any sort of recall laws where their politicians are concerned, though the Green Energy Act has shown they are long overdue?
    Wasn’t there some sort of ‘tar and feather’ treatment given to members of a community who showed they were acting beyond any acceptable behaviour and against the interests of the community?

  8. Wow $126,000 in rooms!!! My property value dropped at least $100,000 as soon as their land representitive stepped foot on my property, and that,s just to put a 115KV line on it!!! And I only have 650 feet frontage. Where is the value in that?

  9. The community vibrancy fund in Haldimand County was accepted by Mayor Ken Hewitt and councillors after a marathon six hour Municipal meeting that saw 46 people get up and plead with them not to sign this agreement. A couple of months later the council started public open house
    meetings throughout the community. The following is an excerpt from the meeting held Nov 15th:

    Questions asked about the Community Vibrancy Fund throughout the evening included; what local industries are donating to the Community Vibrancy Fund? Will the money be spent in the Fisherville and Selkirk area that is contributed to the fund? Will property owners that are affected by the Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) be reimbursed from the funds available in the Community Vibrancy Fund? Does Haldimand County have the proper fire equipment to put out a fire at the top of an IWT?.
    Mayor Ken Hewitt responded to the residents questions, “I’ve heard it loud and clear, you do not want the IWT’s in our county.”
    “There is little to nothing we can do,” he added.

    A member of Haldimand Wind Concerns, asked Mayor Ken Hewitt why Haldimand County residents were not given any prior notice of the Samsung commercial or the Community Vibrancy Fund before it was initiated.
    “I did the commercial to represent the county,” said Mayor Ken Hewitt.
    “I didn’t think I had to individually ask everyone in the county if it was ok to participate in the commercial,” he said.

    “I’ve heard it loud and clear, you do not want the IWT’s in our county.” – So what part of this does he not get????????

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