Grey Highlands wants bond for turbines

by Chris Fell,
Grey Highlands council is investigating the possibility of making the developers of industrial wind turbines pay a $20,000 bond to ensure that the turbines pass all necessary acoustic tests. Council at its regular meeting on Monday, March 26 voted in favour of a resolution asking municipal staff to investigate whether or not a performance bond can be mandated by the municipality to ensure that noise concerns about industrial turbines are dealt with.  The resolution instructed staff to look into the possibility of charging a bond of $20,000 per turbine at the time a permit is issued to ensure that all acoustic testing is done as required.  Read article

1 thought on “Grey Highlands wants bond for turbines

  1. $20,000 is not enough.
    Low frequency noise which is very harmful will travel many kilometers. Recent studies in Australia suggest 10 km set back is safe.
    All things considered – economics, the fact wind energy is not green energy; these turbines should not be built. Period.
    Stand your ground; wind farms destroy every aspect of one’s well being.
    You can talk until the cows come home. Politicians don’t care, don’t listen . The people of Ontario continue to be ignored and harmed. This will not stop; to think differently would be foolish.
    I am afraid civil disobedience will be what is necessary to stop the raping of Ontario.

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