Wind turbine proposal for hills near Nova Scotia base worries air force

Hamilton Spectator
GREENWOOD, N.S. Military officials say a wind farm in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley will hamper at a nearby Royal Canadian Air Force base.   Capt. Chris Bridges, air traffic control officer at the Greenwood base, said Thursday that wind turbines on North Mountain would interfere with military flights over the hilly area. The airbase is Canada’s second-largest and is responsible for search and rescue operations, sovereignty patrols, overseas missions, and fisheries and other ocean surveillance. Aircraft flying out of Greenwood include Cormorant search and rescue helicopters, Aurora patrol aircraft, Hercules transport planes and occasionally CF-18 jet fighters.  Read article

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6 Responses to Wind turbine proposal for hills near Nova Scotia base worries air force

  1. Since when did “foreign” investors trump our Federal Armed Forces??????????????

    • Gears says:

      Just an extreme example of how whacked out people are when it comes to anything having a green label slapped on it. This stuff will go down in history as ‘the great green scam’.

  2. barbara says:

    In the States the IWT and solar developers have been able to overrule the military on a regular basis due to political pressure from Washington. Patronage from renewable energy developers is considered more important than national security.

  3. Bruce Sharp says:

    I think the turbines would make for good targets.

  4. jack says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……what’s a few birds, bats or military aircraft, can’t they see those slow moving blades and stationary towers and avoid them. If military run out of targets in NS we have few here in ON for them to shoot at

  5. Peter says:

    Mission impossible?
    Be a great gamer,s game play…points for turbines and solar panels..blow them all away,extra points, for guess who!!
    and when they all go away the sun shines the birds fly and the people have a party…….amen

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