Samsung: “Let’s get rid of the appeal process.”

9 thoughts on “Samsung: “Let’s get rid of the appeal process.”

  1. The headline should read.. ” Let’s get rid of Samsung”..Corporate money-slurping pigs of the worst nature…..

  2. They talk about CS Wind, it’s GONE!! from Windsor and only provided 50 jobs at it’s peak. Give me a break, we gave them $2.7 M in gov’t subsidies. They are also leaving two tool & mold factories holding the bag with over $600,000 of unpaid contract work. They also only have to provide 900 jobs in their agreement with the gov’t so big deal. Shame on CTV for not examining the other side of this issue where green investments have shown that more jobs are lost then created because energy prices go up. No wonder people hesitate to speak out on this kind of outrage when they are fed such deceit and lies.

    • No, it was Windtronics that closed down. They just made little turbines for your roof.

      CS Wind is still operating making the towers but I don’t think they are really making very much.

  3. CS Wind was on the London news this morning. They are complaining that the speed of the REA process is slowing production at their plants, and that they will have a difficult time meeting 2014 targets, jeopardizing the viability of the plants.

  4. A buffet of ‘treats’ for you – Ontario

    Pick – A or B

    A – Energy Minister Bentley says, ‘NO’
    to Samsung’s proposal – ‘Let’s get rid of the appeals process’

    Pissed off Samsung – has a ‘B’ friend?

    B – Economic Minister Duguid ‘blows’ for Samsung?
    ‘We’re we’re accustomed to overcoming challenges, and exceeding expectations,
    and I’m absolutely confident we’ll continue to do that’

    p.s. significantly bizarre!
    And, how will this be portrayed in the press?
    Protect yourself from the chaos!

  5. The solution to getting Ontario renewable energy projects installed has always been to enact new laws, change existing laws and regulations to suit the interests of the developers. So here we go again with Samsung wanting to get rid of the appeal process.

  6. Why is this sustainable green energy industry soley dependant on projects here in Ontario? Where are all those product orders from other provinces, the US and all over the world? Have we already become “a leading supplier of alternative energy technology”… to ourselves?

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