Wind turbine proposal generates more legal action

by Michael Gennings,
STAYNER – John and Sylvia Wiggins, who earlier this year launched a lawsuit against WPD Canada, regarding its application to erect eight wind turbines west of Stayner, say that 20 more landowners have joined the legal fight. The allegation, which hasn’t been proven in court, is that the WPD proposal is causing a devaluation and loss of use and enjoyment of the plaintiffs’ property. The Wiggins own a property at 1185 Nottawasaga Concession 6 North.

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, the Wiggins said 15 additional landowners “are now also proposed plaintiffs,” in the action against WPD, as well as legal action that was launched against Beattie Bros., Ltd., which owns land north of County Road 91, where six of the turbines would be situated. Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind turbine proposal generates more legal action

  1. Thank you Mr. Wiggins for your information.
    Some of us here in Haldimand will be doing the same .

  2. It is all about the big corporate big guys grabbing our money to line their stock holders portfolio. While we sit back and take the torture they dish out. Yes I believe we need to hit them were it counts because after-all it is about just that”MONEY”. Because in reality they colour coated this as green as camouflage for the tree huggers to endorse it and cheer it on. since it is so hard to convince these tree huggers from reality and being so brainwashed this is an excellent way to kick them in their knees. I wish you victory as we need to see this come to an end very soon.

  3. We are a group of concerned LaSalle Ont. residents who much like the Wiggins we will be filing a lawsuit.If someone would be so kind to get me in touch with the Wiggins. Your help in our stopping of these turbines would be greatly appreciated. regards Tim

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