Hold your horses: Ontario premier

Dalton McGuinty’s exclusive interview with The Intelligencer By Jason Miller
Ontario’s premier is introducing a points system to identify rural communities who welcome renewable energy installations like wind turbines. He adds that he will not sacrifice health care or full-day kindergarten for horse racing. The new wind turbine program will be key to circumventing the angst of factions in areas like Prince Edward County who have vehemently opposed the implementation of wind turbines in their community, Premier Dalton McGuinty said, during an exclusive visit to the Intelligencer Friday. Read article

7 thoughts on “Hold your horses: Ontario premier

  1. I was reading some of the comment associated with this story. This one caught my attention
    @ fredq commented “The racetrack associated slots parlors retained 10% of the profits for the racing industry (about 345 million), 5% went to the municipalities and the rest (75%)went into government coffers. The 345 million dollars McGuinty is planning to divert to health and education was part of the profit stream that he shut down. That money was never a grant from government and now with the track slots shut down, no longer exists”

    Hmmmm , Let me see if I have this straight or maybe I missed something. You cut of the revenue stream by eliminating the slots but you still have all the millions it produced to give to health and education???.

  2. Regarding McGuinty’s idea of the points system and holding back on putting wind turbines in communities that don’t want them because “HE” doesn’t need the headaches…

    This is victimization of the poor. Affluent communities like Prince Edward County can afford to hire lawyers and gain influence that less affluent communities (like Haldimand) cannot. So if you can buy enough resistance, then McGuinty might save you from harm.

    In communities where there’s enough struggling farmers who, for the sake of $15,000/year, would trade the peaceful enjoyment of their’s and their neighbours’ properties in return for hosting a wind turbine… getting points for this and fast-tracking these proposals is only going to drive out the more affluent who don’t “need” to live there, and we will watch these communities decline into wind ghettos. This is the antithesis to the principles of sustainability which is about encouraging strong, healthy, vibrant, self-sufficient communities.

  3. “I’ve got all kinds of communities that want them,” he said. “I don’t need the headaches that are associated with them going into communities that don’t want them.”
    That’s a sweet new tune. We’re a giant headache. Lets hope he means a termination of projects pending. So people, if you don’t want turbines in your community, stand strong and yell loudly. Go to the places they want them, like Toronto. Instead of a casino on the waterfront, lets start a petition for a couple of the largest turbines around.

  4. In Niagara the host property owners are signed at $50,000 not $15,000. Money talks!!! Our Money that is!!!

  5. McGuinty to citizens:
    Invest in stability! Psychologically speaking.

    ‘[excerpt] With health care costs soaring to about $3 billion annually partly because of respiratory illnesses linked to pollution, McGuinty remains committed to investing in renewable energy as a measure to curb those expenditures.’

  6. psychologically – I know
    Call – hope and justice
    I am considering taking anger management classes – 75 bucks – and I should be good.

  7. McGuinty’s Ontario – A political gimmick!
    – staged to form bad economic policy.
    What’s in your wallet?

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