Huge turnout to Port Elgin CAW Turbine Protest

More pictures at the Stop CAW Turbine Facebook page

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8 thoughts on “Huge turnout to Port Elgin CAW Turbine Protest

  1. Great pictures! Can stuffed figures be used along roads as they are not signs? And they draw lots of attention.

  2. I stood out in the freezing cold at the GM head quarters in support of the CAW union, the union protest was concerning the dismantling of the Oshawa truck line….. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOW SUPPORT FOR THE CAW……..I am ashamed of this union and how they have not shown this community support or unity, the CAW’s actions reflect poorly on not only themselves but ALL UNIONS ………SHAME ON THE CAW

  3. Barbara, cool idea! Maybe a scarecrow-type figure with McGuinty’s face, leaning against a model of a wind turnbine.

    • Yes, people are allowed to “decorate” their property for holidays and so why not “decorate” for the rest of the year. Or “scarecrows” to protect gardens and crops?

  4. Thumbs up!
    Congrats! Port Elgin protestors!

    You can – Kiss My Country Ass!
    uploaded by blakeshelton – Feb. 7-2011

    Connecting with the problem: politicians and bureaucrats

    Stand up! – Raise your glass!
    ah-huh – ‘you can kiss my country ass’

    Hell yeah – I love my Canadian flag!
    p.s. I’m moved and deeply inspired by this song.

  5. Well,thanks for the heads up on scarecrows Barbara…….I think I will be making up a few grim reapers…..
    The protest Rocked!

    CAW has a few unsolved problems to deal with and it doesn’t look like the management has the brains to do that!
    At the moment CAW looks like..


  6. This time the CAW is not only greedy and unprincipled: they are actually stupid, and this turbine could bite them hard in the posterior when the next government is neither their old friend the NDP nor their new friend, Mr McGuinty. With the next demand for a bail-out, a pension-fund rescue or a $250 million factory upgrade for one of the ” big three “, there may be a condition attached : lower your wages to the level of those comparably qualified workers in other industries or go fly a kite. And oh yes, take down that vile obnoxious monster turbine.

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