Liberals’ vow of green jobs – How Stupid do they think Ontario is??

By Lorrie Goldstein, London Free Press
I have a business proposition for anyone who still believes Dalton McGuinty will create 50,000 green energy jobs by the end of this year, as he promised in 2009 when he introduced his Green Energy Act. My proposition is I have some ocean front property in Alberta I’d like to sell you.

In the real world, not even McGuinty’s own government is pretending this promise is based in reality anymore. Last week, on April 12, Ontario’s energy ministry announced a new “Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy,” including a new government task force and trade missions to Asia, the Middle East and U.S. Read article

3 thoughts on “Liberals’ vow of green jobs – How Stupid do they think Ontario is??

  1. Last time I looked an electoral map it showed McSquinty mainly as Premier of Toronto. Rest of Northern and Rural Ontario didn’t seem to like him much. So Lorrie, I’d suggest you advertise that piece of property in the Toronto papers if you’re looking for buyers.
    As far as your article I have to give it a A+++. It’s right on the mark.

  2. The GEA mantra is that it will produce 50,000 jobs. Considering the 20-year lives of renewable energy projects, that should represent 1 MILLION person-years of employment. The two major studies below document a total of well under 200,000 person-years of employment for 2009-2028. Then there’s the jobs destroyed. Consider the Fraser Institute’s predicted 41,000 JOBS lost due to annual residential electricity costs being $ 285 million higher — a number, BTW that could be much higher, given that renewables-related added residential costs around 2016 will exceed $ 1 BILLION per year.

  3. From what I understand is, the so called jobs are already filled…ie: the courier (ups), the concrete supply/ mixer drivers ,the steel supply guy,the Hi hoe guys and the gravel pit guys and trucks to haul..these are not new jobs, it is just another delivery/digging job in the year of work…and majority of the labouring could/will be student/uni/collage work experience.

    Total scam again.
    I understand there is a job point system per turbine,what a load of BS

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