Opposition must stand up to wind power plan

Hamilton Spectator
Wind power isn’t the answer in Ontario (Letters, April 12)
This letter writer is right on but my question is, where are the opposition parties and why haven’t they put the brakes on the Liberal minority government’s runaway train? How can the people of Ontario continue to pay out money to the U.S. and Quebec to take our excess hydro? It just doesn’t make sense that we should be conserving hydro while the government pays others to take that excess hydro and while we see our hydro bills increase.

We don’t need wind turbines to make excess hydro because our grid will not withstand the oversupply, therefore we must sell it. China is now slowing its investment in wind and solar and is heavily investing in nuclear and natural gas electrical generating plants because they have found that wind and solar are unreliable and do not reduce the carbon footprint.

If China is backing out of this plan, why aren’t we? No wonder they are doing away with the penny because there is no sense left anywhere in this country!

Marlene Link, Cayuga

3 thoughts on “Opposition must stand up to wind power plan

  1. The NDP (New Diberal Party) have always supported the government against private bills for moratoriums and such like. Fat chance the NDP will ever vote the government down, at least not for a few years: they stand to lose seats.

  2. Not 100% sure were the Hudaks CON’s stand on this wind power scam. They’re talking a good story at this point, but me thinks that it may be too late to stop this gravy train if they get elected. I’d just like to get a “complete and straight answer” from them on their policy for electricity production in Ontario if they’re elected.
    The NDP, we know where they are positioned. Right under the Liberals skirt (sorry ladies). Why would you give up the potential of being able to black mail the Liberals with your tax and spend policies? It’s almost like being in power yourself. If they take down the government they know they could be decimated in the ensuing election as a result of their Liberal support.
    I guess we’ll know in the next few weeks.

  3. If the NDP are under the Liberals’ skirt, I hope they were fed a big pot of gas-laden beans! Where have they been indeed, since the pre-election talks about supporting green energy provided communities had public input? When they had the opportunity to support the motion to give back municipal power and let the people decide what was best for their own communities, they voted against it, thanks in large part to Peter Tabuns. Andrea Horwath was no where to be seen; likewise when Lisa Thompson motioned for a moratorium, Andrea was absent. And so, I might add, was Mr. Hudak. The one conservative that really does support our cause is Vic Fideli – I’ve heard him address this issue at Queen’s Park, at the rally and at a public meeting regarding Ostrander Point. He’s got a lot of background knowledge and many years of political experience; his oral presentations are articulate and concise – he knows his stuff! Dare I say he’d make an excellent premier? Just sayin’…..

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