Wind Farm Issues – Compilation

4 thoughts on “Wind Farm Issues – Compilation

  1. Maybe Vestas’ safety information could be included in handout information for visitors so they will remain safe in the already built Ontario IWT areas?
    Visitors also need to know about IWTs and lightning safety issues.

    • There sure are IWT safety issues with lightning strikes to people in close proximity to them. One issue is branch lightning where one branch strikes the IWT and other branches strike nearby objects. IWTs act like lightning rods and attract lightning. IWT service workers are supposed to be notified when lightning is detected within 50 kms of the IWT they are working on & supposed to stop work & move to a safe place some distance from the turbine. There are also ground to cloud IWT lightning issues with IWTs.

  2. Great video! I just forwarded to a friend of mine who thinks these things are great. He gets forwarded all links, everything I come across in hopes I can change his mind set. Yup, lives in the city well away from any issues. If I lived as close as some folks are to an IWT, I’d be living in fear of a catastrophe waiting to happen. The closest proposed one to me is about 2km. That’s more than enough for me to get involved. In my opinion this is the biggest scam ever perpetrated by a government on its constituents.

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