Frustrated rural residents complain at Queens Park about wind

By Anne Howden Thompson, Ontario Farmer
Rural residents frustrated with the provincial liberal government’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program took their concerns into the heart of Toronto’s financial district yesterday, staging a peaceful protest rally that attracted hundreds of protestors from across Ontario.  Held in Simcoe Park adjacent to the CBC headquarters, the location put the protesters on the immediate doorsteps of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and underneath a digital sign with rotating messages, including one featuring a wind turbine, saying “this screen is powered by green renewable power.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Frustrated rural residents complain at Queens Park about wind

  1. I would like to ad that the source of the governments authority is” consent of the governed” This means that the government is not the ruler but the SERVANT or agent of the citizens;it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose. This means listen to us and not other fictions controlling your agenda for the sake of profits for big corporations. We as rural citizens have showed The McGuinty’s liberal government we have no interest in harming our communities with this fascist agenda. You are finished ” fired” from rural Ontario.SO BEAT IT

  2. My interpretation of this stunning article.
    Firstly, participating farmers should get a grip – on the environmental destruction.

    Let’s not forget – this is a ‘farm magazine’
    representing – issues of interest – of one group.

    ….no mention Mark Wales – OFA president was there?
    ‘[excerpt] Inside the convention centre over 600 delegates were gathered for the two-day,
    sold out, third annual Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum, the annual conference for FIT contract holders, developers,
    manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and government.’

    Winners and Losers:
    It should also be noted –
    not all farmers are participating in hosting a wind turbine(s),
    or have a Fit contract aka taxpayer subsidy.

    Farmers hosting a turbine(s), or participants in the Fit program;
    want the Fit program – protected.

    The meat of the article:
    ‘[excerpt] Despite strong opposition in some Ontario communities,
    the provincial Liberal government remains firmly committed to building a clean energy future that includes the FIT program,
    a guaranteed rate program that provides stable prices through long-term contracts for energy generated using renewable resources.
    Since it was launched in 2009 the provincial Liberal government report that almost 2,000 small and large FIT projects
    have been approved through the program; enough to produce the electricity needed to power about 1.2 million homes.
    The government released its FIT program two year review a few weeks ago,
    announcing they were be developing an accumulated point system for communities to ensure better community engagement.

    At that time, Ontario’s agriculture minister Ted McMeekin told Ontario Farmer
    he believes the changes would bode well
    for proposed community-based and/or community-owned projects.
    “I think it would be pretty fair to suggest that (the point system) will preclude in most instances
    any project from proceeding that is not seen as being in the best interests of the area,” he said at that time.’

    p.s. the OPA’s – ‘old points system ‘= Liberal Kabuki Theatre = Bull [you know the rest]
    Let’s read this stunning mention – again:
    ‘[excerpt} At that time, Ontario’s agriculture minister Ted McMeekin told Ontario Farmer
    he believes the changes would bode well
    for proposed community-based and/or community-owned projects.’

    Note: Liberal green agenda is getting stronger, and Bill 55 should worry us all.
    Ugh! X2
    I spy with my little eye – the privileged farmer – get a grip!

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