Ontario government forcing wind turbines

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If the governments of Canada and its provinces decline the use of medicines until fully being tested for health safety, then should the construction of further wind turbines be halted too. When permits are required to ignite a fire, construct a shed, or add on to farm buildings, then a permit should be required for these turbines.  Yet this provincial government sees fit to bully and push its agenda through, with total disregard for processes the community must abide by. Canadians must have the right to decline such projects where it directly affects their freedoms and land stewardship.

The act of a provincial government to overrule the processes and local governing bodies to inject into a community a dangerous and untested health hazard is an act of contempt. Any government that forces a product of unknown health issues onto its innocent public should be removed from office and legal actions should be taken against it.

Shame on this provincial government and its agenda to force wind turbines on to its people.

A government should be trusted to best protect its people, to serve against hostile issues that invade or make communities ill. We need to be protected from our own provincial government, which is allowing projects like this to continue.

Barnie Floto, Elora

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  1. Bravo!!!!! I hope you copied this to the NDs and Liberals. This needs to be published in everyone’s local newspaper. I’m tired of hearing “we have a right to do what we want with our land”. Well since when????? You have to have a permit to put up a backhouse last time I checked. And there are warnings about every drug on the market from Advil to Viagra – it’s disgusting that turbines get the green light no matter what safeguards are deeply inbedded in our laws for every other activity or product.

    • Your land is your land as long as you don’t infringe on other people’s land and rights! Or In other words your rights end where my nose begins!
      These IWT host landowners need to be told in very plain language what the facts are regarding their land ownership rights. So far this hasn’t been done. No fancy language is required to do this. It’s just too bad if the present government is misleading them on land rights as the government wants it this way. It suits their purposes.

    • What are Canadians going to live on if Canada is not allowed to sell its natural resources? The manufacturing sector is way down and agriculture alone won’t support the economy. Service jobs won’t carry the economy either or only at low level of support.

    • Desert regions are desert regions because they lack adequate water supplies. So put solar farms in desert regions where vast amounts of water are needed to wash the dust off from the solar panels. And this is called good energy policy? Deny people living in desert areas water so that solar panels can be washed. It’s stupid policy.

  2. What about all the false claims made by IWT developers and various agencies regarding how quiet turbines are (like a quiet library, no louder than a refrigerator, etc., ) Is this not misleading information/advertising? There are laws against that as well.

    • False claims have to be in writing, in written form, before legal complaints can be made.Or make recordings of these verbal false claims which can be used.

  3. George Smitherman got paid to advise Ryerson, according to the Toronto Star:

    Smitherman earned $158,833.32 last year to be a “special adviser” to Ryerson University president Sheldon Levy. The figure was released in the annual sunshine list of the highest public salaries under provincial jurisdiction in Ontario.

    He got paid to show these guys how to stick more turbines into the rural residents of ontario. See here:

    Gee thanks.

    • Question now is. How much if any of the $7 million furnished by OPA, Hydro One & Toronto Power to Ryerson U. was used to pay George ~ $159,000 as special adviser?

  4. See the Toronto Star Story here:

    The zone is described as an incubator where talented young entrepreneurs can gather, meet with business leaders and try to kick-start their high-tech enterprises.

    Adam Kahan, Ryerson’s vice-president of university advancement, said in a statement Smitherman’s strategies, advice and insight were used by faculty, staff and students.

    “He [George Smitherman] supported initiatives at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone and the Centre for Urban Energy,” the statement said.

    Smitherman’s contacts were also invaluable, added Kahan, who according to the disclosure list made $336,921.33 last year.

    “He introduced members of the Ryerson community to senior decision makers in various industries. He also supported Ryerson’s ongoing fundraising development efforts by providing advice regarding potential partners and prospects,” he said. The contract was a one-year deal that ended in February 2012.

    we know where he needs to go…

    • If dynamite were brains this guy wouldn’t have enough of it to even blow his nose. Everything he’s ever been involved with, as a Liberal, has turned into some kind of disaster or scam. I’d say someone needs to look into Ryerson to see what he’s been tinkering with there.

    • Smitherman is a “rain maker”. Otherwise he dosent know sh!t from Shinola when it comes to energy issues here nor around the world. He gets paid for who he knows and not what he knows.

      • Barbara, your comment sounds like something I would say, except mine would add “it’s what you know about who you know” No wonder higher education cost so much

    • What a day – in the life of Smitherman.
      Pure coincidence – contrary to expectations.
      He has a phenomenal reputation for doing the right thing.
      …pay for play…..come on over for dinner…..
      why not –
      The George Smitherman Show on CBC.

    • This part of the answer is good isn’t it?

      All of these groups would likely disagree with this FAQ document, but will not be able to present science based arguments to defend why they disagree.

      I would say the document is actionable..

      Mr. Satnik is versed in green building and renewable energy policy from his many board and committee seats at the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), Green Energy Act Alliance (GEAA), Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), US Green Building Council (USGBC), Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET), Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition (NZEHC), Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA), or the more local Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW), Local Initiative for Future Energy Co-op (LIFE), Sustainable Waterloo Region, and more.

      One of the very clever founders… It’s all about the money he can make selling green visions…

      You would think and electrical engineer could do math…

      • Is your council still a council?
        – or is it something more sinister – like committee(s) run from within –
        with unspecified persons on it?

        Are they illegal? …or has the council passed a by-law making them legal?
        This issue should be on the table.
        This would create a complete unbalanced council –
        and possible – conflict of interest –
        if a council member were on a committee.

        Citizens don’t have the luxury of hiring lawyers – to keep councils honest.

        – spending your tax dollars – for the betterment of the whole – really?

      • What’s wrong with asking?
        A system for the wealthy – and a system for us – is just not in keeping
        with traditional values.
        Is it?

      • All I want to say is – they don’t care about us!

      • Used to work at Stantec and isn’t he the guy who said Ontarians shouldn’t expect their fridges to have enough electricity to run all the time?

      • He was a good student.
        The McGuinty – talking points – often, touch on this too.
        ‘Why let a good crisis – go to waste’
        Re: the 2003 Aug – blackout.

        the ‘thought police’ aka ‘conservation czars’ want us to ‘think differently’ –
        we must be very afraid – we will not have enough water or electricity.
        – send a message to McGuinty Liberals – they should be very afraid – we get it!

    • Q24 is pretty good too. Watch out for those trees and all their infrasound next time you go to a nice peaceful campsite in the woods

      • Exactly…being a P.Eng 😉 ;)…you would think he might have mentioned something about…amplitude. If that noise the door makes has enough power it will blow your ear drums out.

  5. Ornge, E-health, creation of the Green Energy Act—Yes I can totally see why a university would want to hire him on as a consultant. Was Slitherman there to teach students how after one f&$ks up, one can still get hired, jobs , etc.? Crazy!

  6. Maybe it is time to track down all these academic departments and silly little research groups (who are really just selling consulting it seems) and do some stories on the people and their goals. Some of their ideas seem more than a little crazy…

    There are a lot of people riding this Liberal gravy-train!

    • Just how many more are cashing in from the OPA, Hydro One,etc. piggy bank. Time to check out who is getting money out of Ontario Hydro customers besides those already known.

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