Ontario Wind Resistance Facebook Page Reloaded

For those who joined recently, the Ontario Wind Resistance page needed to be reloaded and you will have to rejoinMy apologies.

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4 Responses to Ontario Wind Resistance Facebook Page Reloaded

  1. oldyellr says:

    I didn’t see a “Join” button before and I don’t see one now. Am I missing something?

  2. OWR says:

    Click on the big blue picture that says “Join us on Facebook” or click the Like button on the black box in the sidebar.

  3. Douglas Moran says:

    Sorry Ma, but I`m having trouble finding out how to rejoin, via their help section. Do I need to ,delete my account, or do I request to join a group(OWR being the group)? Those were two of the suggestions they gave. Not up on this social media stuff.

  4. OWR says:


    Do you have a Facebook account? If so, log in. Click on the picture above and click “Like”.

    This is Facebook. Don’t get it confused with anything else like email subscriptions, etc.

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