Who can stop the wind? These residents are trying

by John Spears, Toronto Star
STAYNER—The little hut not far from the end of Kevin Elwood’s airstrip looks more like a hobbit house than anything: almost a play house, a mere 16 by 20 feet.  But since it comes complete with electricity, running water and a septic system it qualifies as a dwelling.

And it’s part of a game of tic-tac-toe between a wind developer and a group of local residents who want nothing to do with wind turbines.  The residents have been sprinkling mini-houses like Elwood’s in the path of proposed turbines – knowing that provincial rules forbid turbines from being erected within 550 metres of a dwelling.  Read article

16 thoughts on “Who can stop the wind? These residents are trying

  1. BRILLIANT YOU GUYS!!!! I’ve already posted on our Facebook page -we saw it on CP24 this morning! They liked it too!
    If we had land, instead of just our one acre, we would do the same!
    But we are mere ‘homesteaders” in the words of DWPInc, Melancthon project!
    Insulting, ignorant, greedy money-grabbing condescending jumped up puppets!
    Am I biased? 🙂

    • Ah, my pleasure… there’s more 🙂 believe me!!!!!
      Prompted by the fact that ……We’ll be surrounded by 12 of the monstrosities if DWPInc (and our local farmers!!!!) get their way….12 of 50 proposed turbines. Nightmare!
      If only our farmers had half the intelligence of these guys……. money is NOT everything….
      Oh, by the way – our hydro bills have almost doubled in the last year!!!!
      Has anybody else noticed this I wonder ?

  2. Wish I could do it on my farm. By-laws don’t allow it around here. Shoot. What an awesome idea! I LOVE it!!!
    Interesting to see all of the city slickers call us and the Stayner folks NIMBY’s. Beattie is a piece of work too. His grandchildren. Is he sure it isn’t the $$$$ talking? Would he put the turbines up for free or $500/year. Afterall his grandchildren should be priceless. No?

  3. A current drought in southern Ontario? How will the installation of IWTs solve a drought problem anyway?

  4. John Spears is an enabler. Though I appreciate this article for providing a lot of information, he’s failed in his responsibility as a reporter to hold the government to account. Spears has been on this beat for so long and his articles always stop short of giving the average reader a FAIR picture of what’s really going on. For example, this story does a terrific job of describing the financial position of Ellwood and his neighbours, but doesn’t say boo about how much the Beatties are going to profit by destroying their neighbours’ homes. I mean, it’s a great story, and those of us in the know are all laughing because we see right through the “for the sake of the children and grandchilren” BS, but giving Beattie this platform to spew that nonsense only reinforces the misconceptions of the sheep in Toronto. It’s people like John Spears that are the reason why this government has been allowed to destroy the homes, health, wealth and human rights of so many Ontarians. For shame, John Spears.

  5. Did anyone view the Agenda with Steve Paiken on Thurs. evening ?There was not even a hint of the human toll in communities .Only one guest Ross McKitrick had good knowledge of the facts as we have come to know them .Took a verbal punch at mcguinty by saying that dalton didn’t take a road with green energy , he took the ditch . A Deb Doncaster pushed her job creation absurdity with wind energy . She reminded me of the female liaison people that these wind developers seem to prefer to employ.All talk and no subtance .

  6. Windsor having significant hum annoyance problems for over a year. John Baird sends his secretary to inspect the problem. Jim Bradley sends letters to municipal state and federal officials in the States.Data confirms vibration is acoustic noise and Natural Resources sends specialized equipment for months to monitor, the low hum and rumbling noise pollution last summer .
    Bradley asks the EPA to step in and investigate. Four government bodies meeting to seek advice to resolve the problem.
    Hey , good people , lets tell them about these wind turbines , at last we’ll get some resolution.

  7. I am pleased to see The Toronto Star take an interest in Ontario’s industrial wind turbine issue. However, John Spears is a business reporter who did not elaborate on Magwood’s comment re: turbines’ “economic model is a joke”. Beattie was prepared for this article with his grandchildren and saving the planet statements. He recited the wind industry’s mantra which says that wind energy is good for you. Spears should have used this opportunity to present facts.

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