Windfarm Wars: Blown Apart Episode 1

TVO – What happens when a wind farm of nine 120-metre high turbines is planned to be built on a sensitive landscape? Filmed over a turbulent four year period, Blown Apart explores the truths, myths and future of a highly controversial resource: land-based renewable energy.
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5 thoughts on “Windfarm Wars: Blown Apart Episode 1

  1. Just seen part of tonight’s episode – didnt realise it was on, found it by chance channel-hopping!
    It strikes a chord with me, being from England and knowing the area very well! (An area of specific interest having unmatched beautiful and unique scenery – typical !!)
    It resembles our fight a lot! ie concerned residents vs money-grabbing condescending puppets!
    and the excuses ‘for’ the wind farm also resemble the ones we have heard!!!!
    Global warming – give me a break! More likely ‘pocket lining’ ….disgusting!
    It was filmed in 2006/07 according to the date on screen – cant wait to see how it turns out!!!!!!

  2. This should not be any more of a discussion for having these at any place anymore. There is enough evidence to prove they are just one of many scams of this age ,this one being the biggest. Waste it! Junk it! As long s we keep going on this the more it will enslave the middle and lower class to another lower class and the slave handlers go up more than a notch with our earnings we have to work harder to get, At least these neighbours living next to potential wind turbines and council members in this footage are doing the homework on these monsters.

  3. My grandfather came to Haldimand County from Tavistock Devon as a small boy at the turn of the last century (He and 4 brothers “Bernardo Boys”). He farmed in Rainham Township all his life! He would be horrified to know that his homes, on either side “of the pond”, are being turned into “Wind Farms” rather than “Agricultural Farms”! What a travesty!

  4. My problem with “global warming” … I just saw a piece on the history channel last night about the Great Lakes in US and also lake ontario. The piece talked about the glaciers and the global warming…. back thousands of years. There wasn’t any cars/people/ causing global warming. Maybe the earth and the world warms and cools and changes climate and form over thousands of years. The program; talked about another glacier period. I personally think this global warming myth is a way to stuff wind turbines down our thoughts. Want to sell a product get government to “buy into” the myth!

    • You are So…………………right about the earth’s climate change over 4+ Billion years
      there have been Ice Ages and Warming periods WITHOUT cars/ people “adding” CO2.

      That said, people need to do as much as they can to prepare for either a cooling period or a warming period because they have been known to happen within decades.

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