Fund hospitals, not turbines

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The promised West Lincoln Memorial Hospital expansion has been deemed an unnecessary priority by the Ontario Liberal Party starring McGuinty and Dwight Duncan with the support of Andrea Horwath. We all have memories of this hospital coming to the rescue of somebody we know and love in birth, life or facing the twilight of life with dignity. How is it that this required and long-overdue expansion, which has already been promised, is deemed as expendable?

The political brain trust in Ontario has really got a screw loose. How can there be no money for this? Perhaps we should examine the calculations used to cancel this $125-million hospital expansion.

First let’s give New York State, Michigan, and Quebec another $400 million as we did last year to take electricity produced at non-peak times by Ontario’s existing industrial wind factories strewn across rural Ontario. This $400 million does not include the additional $2.7 BILLION in Ontario Feed-in-Tariff taxpayer subsidies to be paid over the next two years above the existing market hydro rate to produce this electricity. Now repeat this for the next 20 years! Remember this is electricity that our existing Ontario hydro infrastructure can easily produce in its current state. These costs are only associated with the existing 1,000 or so industrial wind turbines in Ontario now and not including hugely expensive transmission line upgrades.

The Liberal government wants to install another 9,000 more of these expensive and useless but dangerous contraptions — 80 for starters right here in Niagara and also the hundreds proposed for the Great Lakes. This insane and unaffordable green energy agenda could have been stopped twice by PC private member’s bills in the last six months but the NDP keeps supporting this wind agenda. OK, now tell me why the $125-million expansion is being cancelled? What’s next in Niagara’s critical infrastructure to be cut? Where are the touted wind company vibrancy funds to correct this trajectory of disaster? People, please speak now! Next time we visit WLMH let’s have the one we were promised, not the one stolen by a wilted and misguided Ontario Liberal Green Energy platform of insanity.

Robert Russo, West Lincoln 

3 thoughts on “Fund hospitals, not turbines

  1. Our Province is under “crisis management” and nothing will make any “sense” any more until this present Government is removed permanently from power. McGuinty has made so many BAD deals and committed so much of our tax money to long term BAD investments that every penny collected at Queen’s Park has to go into a “black pit of misery” to pay off the parasites who have “hijacked” our economy. Industrial Wind Turbine Development has been the “Death Sentence” for our future here in our once great Province!

  2. so Duncan deems this hospital unnessary but wants to build a $1.5 billion one in his riding and then close the 2 that are there and have had millions spent on them???

  3. There is a lot more graft in building new projects. Fixing up old things dosen’t pay near as well

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