Anti-environment measures tucked into Liberal budget bill

by Clayton Ruby, Toronto Star
What is Premier Dalton McGuinty hiding in your budget bill? The legal ability to hurt Ontario’s most vulnerable species, that’s what.  Ontario appears to be echoing the mood of the federal government, which also used its budget bill to introduce significant changes to environmental protection laws, a move that had less to do with budgets and more to do with undoing transparency, accountability and environmental responsibility.  Likewise, the Ontario Liberals have buried several proposed changes in their new budget bill that strike at the heart of Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA), a piece of legislation this government proudly touted a mere five years ago.  Read article

15 thoughts on “Anti-environment measures tucked into Liberal budget bill

  1. Too little too late Clay.
    Obviously it is only rural Ontatians who are looking into what the government is actually doing or this would have been in the news much earlier.
    Thanks to Keith Stelling for his alarm bell. We had no idea before he spoke up and I’m sure that’s how Clayton found out.
    One thing is for sure, Andrea Horwath was made aware of it and she still sold Ontario out to foreign developers.
    I am just sick about my province.

  2. I agree it needs to be debated, but just who’s going to bring it up. Nobody, because they ALL, for their own selfish reasons, want to make it easier for big business to get around environmental roadblocks…………….

  3. You’ll notice that Mr. Ruby is very careful not to mention the fact that it’s IWT development that’s behind these changes in environmental regulations. He’s clearly on board the renewables/IWT bandwagon so he must be a little conflicted on the issue.

    • David, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      Clay the ambulance chaser just didn’t have the gonads to put the blame where it belongs … couldn’t get the words out: wa wa wa wind tur tur tur turbines, because he loves them so much. You’re right, he’s so conflicted that he doesn’t know whether to laugh, cry or look for another cause.

      Spare me this BS. If you can’t give the whole story, then STFU.

  4. Shocking! I thought Clayton Ruby was dead.

    Well – this explains – a lot
    He said what?
    ‘has been a pretty darn good government’ – Ugh!

    ‘[excerpt] The province’s backsliding on the protection of Ontario’s endangered wildlife
    is surprising from what has been a pretty darn good government.’

    ‘[excerpt’] Clayton Ruby is one of Canada’s leading lawyers,
    an outspoken proponent of freedom of the press,
    and a prominent member of the environmental community.’

    Nice – someone watching the bottom line.

  5. Yup, Envirolaw jumped on the bandwagon too and spewed a blurb about Bill 55 yesterday. Too bad it’s too late to draw enough attention to the issue. No doubt these folks realize that when these amendments lead to environmental destruction we’ll be asking the question, how did this happen? And the answer will be that it’s because of the complacency of people in positions of authority.

    What I can’t understand is how tactics like Bill 55 don’t ring major alarm bells for these “intelligent” people and make them question some of the other controversial activities that McGuinty has pushed through. It would be in their best interests to hurry up and realize that their support for McGuinty diminishes their credibility.

  6. Of course the Star has had what…two weeks to publish this? They publish it on budget vote day…really. Can’t help but notice that the comments are turned off too. This rag isn’t worthy of the bottom of a bird cage.

    • This is an old tactic. Withholding information until it’s too late to be used and removes blame from those who withheld the information.

  7. Where are the fake “wildlife” charities?………….where is Suzuki, WWF, Sierra Club, Environmental Defence, Earth First, Greenpeace and on and on?…………..oh yeah they are fake…..they are just $$$ sucking entities that talk the talk and take the buck!
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see their response to the “Killing Bill” now being weaselled through Queen’s Park………….

  8. Well folks — this is your big chance to nominate the most dishonest climate/energy reporter you know…

    The first annual Duranty Prize will be given for what our readers consider the most egregious example of dishonest reporting for the fiscal year 2011-2012 (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012).

    The Toronto Star is a hotbed for nominees… Who is that little weasel that cheer leads windmills? Hmm would he be a good candidate? Tyler… something or other… hmmm

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