Tony Keller: Dollar$, Dumb Policy and Hydro

27 thoughts on “Tony Keller: Dollar$, Dumb Policy and Hydro

  1. Bravo! A clear and concise a statement on the breathtaking stupidity of of McGuinty’s belief in green energy fairies. Even the talking-point justification for McGuinty’s renewable energy policy, that it will close coal-fired plants, is sadly nothing more than a bold-faced untruth. But then say it enough and want it enough and there must be wind and solar fairies to grant your wish, particularly if you inhabit a world entered down a rabbit-hole with Alice.

    • When the same peoples names keep popping up in different Ontario renewable energy projects then it’s time to take note of this and follow up on this information.

    • World Wind Energy Association,
      World Wind Energy Association,, Bonn, Germany
      Current President, Dr. He Dexin, China
      Vice presidents include: Volker Thomson, Canada & Paul Gipe, as US Representative

      Corporate Members -Canada:
      Canadian Clean Energy Conferences
      CORE Renewable Energy
      endurance wind power
      Re Driven Power
      Simex Technologies, Canada

      Scientific Members- Canada:
      Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
      Memorial University of Newfoundland

      Ordinary members include:

    • The corporate/developers links are the important ones right now in the fight against IWTs as they link people to companies. Can be arranged by company names and their projects. Some people can be linked to more than one corporate group.
      It’s often helpful when outside companies enter a new market as they can use help to so to speak “grease the wheels” while “home” companies only need to use already known established contacts.

    • Twitter – controlling the message?
      – very disappointing

      So – twitter took the video down – reasons unknown
      After some outcry – re posted it.

      This video is about to go viral!

      McGuinty’s ‘road to hell’
      It spells out what is happening in Ontario – the arguments are clear –
      the heart of our arguments.

      Harper is not taking Canada down this road.
      Evidence: rejected, and did not sign Canada onto the
      United Nation – Kyoto Protocol –
      noting, it would – put at risk – Canada’s sovereignty.

      But – provinces can do what they want.

      Ontario’s sovereignty – given up on a silver platter
      ‘Crony Capitalism’ is not the same as – free market – Capitalism.

      McGuinty’s Cronyism: using ‘like minded mayors’ –
      Animal house behavior – on the ground
      When is this going to stop?

      All politics – are local politics!
      The clock is ticking – join Wainfleet’s Mayor and Council

      Pass it on……

  2. Watched this video earlier – it was excellent . I think there should be a link to it on our main Home Page.

  3. Good morning everyone.
    Just to let you know that Standard and Poor’s has downgraded Ontario’s outlook from stable to negative.
    Oh happy day.
    Thank you Whorwath for propping up the McTurbine government. You got your wish to tax those who make more than $500,000 a little bit more. Mean while the whole province is going to hell in a hand basket. Loss of jobs, sky rocketing electricity rates, less accountability required by companies when their projects affect the environment, the continued proliferation of wind turbine developments, where does the list end?
    Oh, yes. Have a great day.
    Gonna eat my Wheaties now. Maybe I’ll feel better then.

    • Does anyone know who was behind the changes in the environmental regulations to begin with? These kinds of activites don’t take place in a vaccum.
      Were the NDPs who voted for the budget from safe seat ridings?

      • NDP never voted. They abstained.
        Environmental regulation changes were brought up in the Legislature on Wednesday for the first time by the NDP Jonah Schein. Can check Hansard for the 25th for details if you wish.

      • All NDP MLAs abstained from voting on the 2012 Budget vote? From reading the MSM news reports it would be difficult to come to this conclusion. Spin the news.
        NDP chose not to stick their necks out despite all the talk they engaged in prior to the vote?

      • Yup. Your right, every last one of them to a person never had the courage to stand up and be counted as in favour of the Budget. Talk’s cheap in politics………..

    • But who put this into the budget bill to begin with? Nothing gets into legislation without the approval of Mr.McGuinty. Was this done by one of the Ministers? Someone knows this information.

      • Minister of Natural Resources, Michael Gravelle, was trying to defend it in the Legislature. But my guess would be someone higher up with more to gain. It’s juicy so it will come up every day during question period for a while. Stay tuned……..

      • This leaves the Libs holding the 2012 Budget Bag along with the changes in the environmental regulations. On the other hand the NDPs did nothing to stop the changes in the environmental regulations.

    • Hey Petra,
      McGuinty Liberals on track to save the planet –
      with a little help from their friends
      Standard & Poor’s questions ‘cost containment’

      p.s. McGuinty ‘My Way’ Economics –
      “We need those jobs, we need clean electricity and we need to assume our responsibility in the face of climate change,” McGuinty said.–mcguinty-vows-to-stop-wind-farm-nimbys

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