Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters

Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suezis also recently elected President of the Federal Liberal Party.   To date, this company has refused to help any of the residents who are seriously suffering in the Erie Shores complex.
Letter from Resident of the Lake Erie Shores Wind Facility:

Before my medical appointment, Dr. McMurtry also arranged to have Mike Crawley and David Timm meet with him at St. Joseph’s’ Hospital in London [I was included] to ask them face to face, point blank, “what they were prepared to do to extricate NVoIWT’s from the toxic environment caused by living in the environs of industrial wind turbines?”

Mike Crawley and David Timm left the meeting, Aug 26, saying “they would study their notes and consult with their colleagues before replying”. We have heard NOTHING for over 35 months. (updated April, 2012)

So, NVoIWT’s have taken to leaving their homes for as long as is possible within each family’s circumstances just to get away from the turbine’s.   One of our members has been able to get away to Australia, some stay with relatives for 3/4 days every other weekend or weeks on end, some work out of the area and get 10/12 hour “breaks”, others just manage 36 hour overnight escapes sporadically.  What we NEED is to get away permanently.  Our health will continue to deteriorate.

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  1. I am seething at the idea that Mike Crawley has this much disconnect from the residents who live within the shadow of his giant money grubbing turbines. Over and over again I see comments to articles asking these people to simply move away and stop complaining. I ask you where does one move when your house is so toxic, it can’t be sold as is the case for this woman noted above? Just because many think that this may be only an isolated case (which it is not) doesn’t mean that nothing should be done to get these people in Norfolk area (as well as Amaranth, Melancthon, Goderich, Port Alma) out of these homes. Where has the Canada that I grew up with gone? when people (especially gov’t officials) are so bound by fear of reprisal, that inaction is the course of the day. Never did I thought our gov’t responsible for addressing the above issues, was willing to treat rural grubbies like me as expendable collateral.

  2. — just wondering about those two repeat “thumbs down” votes?!
    Is it because they are unable to hide their big heads in the sand – therefore they have to stick their thumbs into it?

  3. Rural Grubby wrote..
    “Never did I thought our gov’t responsible for addressing the above issues, was willing to treat rural grubbies like me as expendable collateral.”


    McGuinty was quoted….

    “But provincial discrimination could happen if Ontario’s “hard work” in reducing emissions is used to let other provinces “off the hook,” he said.

    “We didn’t move forward as Ontarians, we didn’t add additional costs to our electricity, to relieve other Canadians of their obligation to make progress in their own way,” McGuinty added.

    There’s “real money” to be found in using less carbon and Ontario should be able to use those funds as it sees fit, he said.”

    … IMO its about money making..

    From the same article..

    “A national cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions had better not discriminate against Ontario, Premier Dalton McGuinty warned Tuesday.”

    The old saying.. ‘Follow the money applies here’..
    Global warming.. a lie..
    McGuinty and all are just wanting to play the game of control..

    and Smitherman..and the Climate Change Summit..
    He and others are in preparation for the Copenhagen climate change meeting.. check this out..


    I think Smitherman is into big big power..

  4. RE: huffstrategy.com
    It still gives me the creeps when I see Smitherman referred to as “Honourable”. This guy is so out of his league it’s laughable. He will be an icon remembered when the Big Fat Green Energy Lie is printed in our history books. If this is who the “Young Liberals” want as a guest speaker, then I fear for our future. Sure, I know… it’s a democracy and we can change things with our votes….and may I introduce you to the Green Energy Act?

  5. If the wind companies had any ethics and nothing to fear, they along with our government would welcome a health study on ITW developments.
    Given that this isn’t going to happen, one can only conclude that our own government views the plight suffered by rural folk with respect to
    health/property value issues as being an
    insignificant and acceptable collateral damage.

  6. McGuinty and gang have spent so much of our money on their friends and wasted so much capital on a losing proposition such as “Green Power” that now they are scrambling by trying to ram the HST through so they can re-fill the public coffers so they can keep on spending money on FIT and development of Wind. This is exactly what a “gambling addict” has to do to survive and we all know the end result of that bad habit. Crawley is just part of the addictive personalities that “govern” us!

  7. A photo taken in Copenhagen by Environmental Defence Canada in Dec.2009 at a BlueGreen event and published later in their annual report included Rep.Ed. Markey of Mass. who was also a co-sponsor of the U.S. Waxman-Markey Cap & Trade legislation which passed in the U.S. House but failed to pass in the U.S. Senate in 2010.

    The connections must be followed.

  8. How many of you are sending letters to the editor of your paper? Get the message out to the public in your own areas. Ask the public to let their friends in the areas of heavily concentrated population in this province know about what is going on. We need the message to reach all voters so that in October we will oust the Liberals who have put the financial shackles on Ontario’s population for at least one more generation.

  9. It’s not enough to just write letters. Supply copies of information to back the letters up. Otherewise it beomes a “he says-she-says” situation.

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