Gillespie, NAPAW take on wind industry

By Wes Keller Freelance Reporter, Orangeville Citizen
The lawyer who represented Ian Hanna in a judicial review and appeal of a wind farm in Prince Edward County is now acting on behalf of North American Platform Against Windfarms (NAPAW). In the Hanna case, Ontario’s Divisional Court found that Ontario’s Renewal Energy Assessment (REA) followed proper procedures in its approval of a wind farm, but also suggested that there needs to be more study of human health issues. Read article

5 thoughts on “Gillespie, NAPAW take on wind industry

  1. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..lets get this going …NOW!!!!!!!!!!! and apply criminal charges somewhere along this process,too.

  2. You got that right, Avoter! Somewhere along the way here, this Treasonous, Dictatorial, Lieing Liberal regime, must be investigated (By RCMP?) and charges laid against McGuinty and each and every one of his accomplices, in the many blatantly obvious criminal acts, perpetrated by these lowlife, greedy, scumbags, at the expense of our once great (PreMcGuilty) province.
    McGuinty will never back away from his greed dream, reguardless of what negative consequences come to light, because he is too deeply involved/committed with all his best buds and probably family members, dependent on their investments/involvment in the anticipated ‘windfall’ of obscene profits, from IWTs. Like his old school chum, Mike Crawley for instance, past president of, new president of Federal Lib. party. One of many!
    McGuintys` choice is clear. He can save Ontario, by putting a one year(for now) moratorium on all ‘alleged’ green energy development, until proper studies are done and subsequent guidelines put in place, to protect all interests, or he can sink Ontario, by proceeding with same, to save his buds anticipated fortunes, at taxpayers expense. Heck, they`ll have enough of our money, to buy their own island/country.
    Saddest part of that is, it`s no joke. It`s actual reality.
    So the courts and cops, may be our only hope. If they would or could do their jobs, McGuinty would be jailed, along with Crawley and others, and their stolen fortunes, returned to the province, to put toward McGuintys provincial debt, of 400plus Billion$$.??

    • Klees thinks he can cover his tracks by attacking the Ornge scandal. No freedom of information? If this can be done to cover one scandal it can be done to cover all government scandals.

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