Hudak says Sault’s green energy ambitions bad for economy

By Elaine Della-Mattia, Sault Star
Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says trying to grow the green energy sector is a mistake, based on outdated European policies. Communities like Sault Ste. Marie that want to build on the green energy sector will find long-term jobs will not be created and, in fact, the economy will be hurt. “I think that’s a mistake,” Hudak told The Sault Star when asked about the city’s ambition to increase its green energy sector and diversify the economy. “Reports have shown that for every short-term job you create building a windmill, you lose four jobs in the broader economy.” Read article

19 thoughts on “Hudak says Sault’s green energy ambitions bad for economy

  1. Who’s TIm Hudak?

    And…why is he in the Soo stating facts…he needs to be in the GTA. HINT! HINT!

  2. Hudak’s voice is no better than our cries in the dark as long as the Liberal’s have the NDP in their pocket.

  3. The Green Rot is so deeply entrenched in our Political system and mainstream media and legal organizations along with Financial Institutions that it’s a wonder Hudak even exists!……..does anyone really think any “news outlet” will give Hudak one word in the GTA?…they are all as corrupt as McGuinty and Horwath!

  4. Hey, at least he commented directly to and using the term wind”mills”. That alone is progress.
    I agree the media down here is being negligent in telling people what is happening.
    You keep at it Tim. Don’t wallow in McGuinty’s taxes and his wrong path rhetoric.
    Get to the point and let’s get the show on the road.

    • All the work and research that has been done by rural Ontarians has made Hudak’s work much easier and will continue to do so. Keep making information public so nothing can be hidden from the people.

  5. There you have it. There is a Tim Hudak. Go figure. I must have emailed him a hundred times without so much as an answer. I was begining to think he was a figment of my imagination. If we can just keep him on message…………………

  6. A Gotcha Story – Corruption

    All politics – are local politics!
    Sustainable Development – Picking Winner and Losers

    Montreal police make 15th arrest in connection with anti-corruption raids this week

    The mayor of Mascouche has returned home from holidays to face charges in connection to a series of anti-corruption raids earlier this week.

    Richard Marcotte was arrested at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport at 1:30 a.m. Friday when he arrived home from a vacation in Cuba.

    He was released from police custody before noon after being questioned by police.

    A warrant for Marcotte’s arrest was issued Tuesday as Quebec’s permanent anti-corruption unit (UPAC)

    made 14 arrests and laid 47 charges in a series of early morning raids north of Montreal.

    Marcotte was the 15th person charged in connection allegations regarding the awarding of contracts in the Mascouche area, north of Montreal.

    Few citizens stood up to the mayor at the height of his 21-year reign,

    and certainly no forest, ranch or field of hay stood a chance against progress in the village-wrapped-in-a-city named Mascouche.

    Ah – huh!

  7. An interesting letter…

    Sir, Andrew Motion (report, Feb 23) is correct to castigate climate change deniers, but he is profoundly mistaken in linking all those who oppose the current climate science orthodoxy into one group. The interpretation of the observational science has been consistently over-egged to produce alarm. All real-world data over the past 20 years has shown the climate models to be exaggerating the likely impacts — if the models cannot account for the near term, why should I trust them in the long term?

    I am most worried by the billions of pounds being misinvested and lost as a consequence. Look out to sea at the end of 2015 and see how many windmills are not turning and you will get my point: there are already 14,000 abandoned windmills onshore in the US. Premature technology deployment is thoroughly bad engineering, and my taxes are subsidising it against my will and professional judgment.

    Professor Michael Kelly
    Prince Philip Professor of Technology, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

    Hope you enjoyed it…

  8. It’s Friday – what’s going on?

    The only mayor? (story below)
    All politics – are local politics!
    Look around – actions speak louder than words – sometimes.

    Each community is unique – but, not so much anymore.

    : not partisan; especially : free from party affiliation, bias, or designation

    Sustainable Development – A Liberal Dream
    Some councils – have chosen – to support/form committees – with unknown persons (embedded within)
    directing ‘sustainability implementation’ – to a predetermined end.
    Picking winners and losers………and, who’s doing the picking?

    ‘[excerpt] I have been accused of being anti-IWT … guilty as charged.
    The fact is that all of us have notions (ideas) that conform in some manner to more generalized ideologies.
    Culturally speaking, it cannot otherwise be so.
    Despite my continued efforts to openly criticize and mock my local County Sustainability Group (CSG) IWT proponents
    and in a broader context all IWT proponents, I actually feel a deference towards them since
    I realize that it is extremely difficult to attempt to lead (promote) an idea without a clearly defined scientifically supportable sustainable ideology.
    They are constantly attempting to combat their opposition with contrived pseudo science
    attached to an ideological dogma and are quickly running low on ammunition while facing a growing anti-IWT sentiment.’

    Oct 11, 2011
    ‘[excerpt] The backlash against Mayor Bob Bratina’s decision to support the Liberals in the recent provincial election
    continues to reverberate throughout city hall.
    Ward 9 councillor Terry Whitehead sent an email to Bratina late on October 5
    after the mayor became only Ontario mayor to support a political party
    in the October 6 provincial election during a luncheon speech at the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce at LIUNA Gardens,
    asking him to step down from the city’s Fairness to Hamilton subcommittee.
    The mayor, Whitehead, and councillors Sam Merulla and Judy Partridge sit on the committee,
    along with representatives from other community organizations,
    which is attempting to correct long-time provincial funding requirements for the city.
    “I would ask the Mayor to do the honourable thing and resign from the committee,” said Whitehead.
    “The mayor today endorsed the Provincial Liberal government and has entrenched himself in partisan politics.”’

    p.s. forced to eat my bowl of peas!

  9. Hudak says, “line?”

    And the power brokers respond, “Anything but health effects, we don’t want to pay damages… we want to get PAID damages. Convince the people it’s cheaper to break the contracts and pay us penalties.”

  10. Hudak may be right if Spain is any indication:–spain-in-crisis-of-enormous-magnitude-as-unemployment-rate-nears-25?bn=1

    MADRID — Spain’s economic woes deepened alarmingly Friday as the government revealed that unemployment rising to near 25 per cent, a day after a credit ratings agency downgraded the country’s debt rating and warned it faced an uphill battle to get a grip on its finances.

    Official figures showed that unemployment has jumped to 24.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2012 — the highest rate in the 17-country eurozone — from 22.9 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2011. The data show that another 365,900 people lost their jobs in the first three months of the year, taking the total unemployed to 5.6 million. The rate for people under 25 year is now 52 per cent, up from 48.5 per cent in the previous quarter.

    “The figures are terrible for everyone and terrible for the government,” Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told Spanish National Radio. “Spain is in a crisis of enormous magnitude.”

    The total figure for people unemployed increased by 729,400 compared to the first quarter of 2011. The National Statistics Institute said Spain now has 1.7 million households in which no one has work.

    Our finance minister spent his time basket weaving and we’re a basket case.

    !Aye Canastas!

  11. An oldie but goodie from 2006 by Gabriel (The Prophet) Calzada.

    2006/07/23 – Gabriel Calzada – Libertad Digital
    Renewable Privileges
    Producers of so-called renewable energies have become one of the most privileged social groups of our time, ensconced in environmental myths and frauds. The final consumer subsidizes the price of renewable energy at 575 percent compared to traditional electricity rates.
    On the other hand, the renewable “businessman” doesn’t have to pay for the entire investment from his own resources because a second privilege ensures it is partially subsidized with taxpayer money. This entire scheme would be in trouble if it weren’t for a third privilege that forces the closest distributor to buy electricity from these dubious “clean” energy producers.

    All these subsidies and coercive actions are not enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of those who feel they have a right to society’s resources in their quest to turn a barely profitable business into a personal gold mine. The new aristocrats also argue they have the right to public financing to develop their inefficient production systems.

    Read the whole article — entertaining.

    So what’s changed — eh?

  12. Puke!
    I just want someone to find one mistake to take these people to jail!!!!!!!!

    and we will and we hound them…………

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