“They want an easement, but I won’t give it to them. They will have to expropriate it”

Walking against the lines – By Heather Wright
Sarnia and Lambton County This Week
PLYMPTON-WYOMING – In a flood of people concerned about the effects of wind turbines, Paul Marsh stands out. And it isn’t just because he’s holding a picket sign.  Marsh lives in Sylvan – a community south east of Thedford just over the Middlesex County line. He, too, says he will be affected by the 62 turbine Cedar Point Wind Power project in Plympton-Wyoming.  Marsh won’t be too close to the turbines and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to see them since his 30 acre property is filled with trees.

What he will notice is a power transmission line which will run the length of his corner lot property.

“The transmission lines which are going to take the power from here will go right by my house,” said Marsh as he stood in front of the doors of the Camlachie Community Centre where Suncor was holding an open house recently. “The power generated here will go by my house. Everybody thinks about the turbines themselves but not how they move the power.”

The Cedar Point project isn’t the only industrial wind farm which will benefit from the new power lines. NextEra Energy also expects to hook into the line leading to feeder lines near the Bruce Power plant for its Jericho project in Lambton Shores.

“Right now, the small projects can feed into the grid, but they won’t be able to once there are 100s of them.”

And it is obvious Marsh is not happy about it. Suncor wants an easement – legal permission – to erect the power lines on between 60 and 80 feet at the edge of his property.

He had a “90 second conversation” about the idea with officials and now says the company will have find another way.

“They want an easement, but I won’t give it to them. They will have to expropriate it.”

10 thoughts on ““They want an easement, but I won’t give it to them. They will have to expropriate it”

  1. Well said Mr. Marsh. McGuinty will need to bring the big guns to force Ontario citizens to give up their land for his poorly planned electrical grid.

  2. Do not let them EXPROPRIATE! As for anything for us to learn is no contract no deal. You must believe in your self to say I do not wish to contract with you and tell them to piss off. In order to take your land they need a signature and a contract do not provide it. and same with the courts that do there dirty work,state on there mail “do not wish to contract” and return all there mail without opening it.

    • A private company cannot expropriate!
      If they cannot find – a better way – for the transmission lines –
      well it’s obvious –
      they will run to the government.
      We’ll just wait and see what happens – in this case.

      • It will take government intervention for a private company to expropriate.

      • But if the Ontario government can get around the tems of a treaty then taking land for private benefit should be easy.

      • NextEra was involved in the Altamont, Calif. case and that case involved the North American Migratory Bird Treaty. Much better to avoid the same thing here by fixing the regulations ahead of time?

  3. Get a lawyer you’re going to need one. Good advice on the mail. If you don’t know recognize its source, take it to your lawyer. I’d be looking to sue my neighbours for putting you in this untenable position.

  4. Good luck in avoiding an easement, expropriation or whatever. Land gets taken all of the time whether the owner is in agreement or not. Power lines, pipe lines, highways, etc. All government has to do is show that it is in the best interest of society and presto it is done and over. I wish I had something positive to say about this. Sorry.

  5. Thank you Mr Marsh for standing your ground. If the farmers surrounding you had not been seduced by the wind proponents you would not have been put in this situation.

    When I look at the map of the lakeshore in our area (Haldimand County) there are very, very few landowners that did not sell out. I would like to thank each and every one them for standing their ground, for seeing beyond the money and for sending the wind lease salesmen away no matter how many times they came back each time with a sweeter deal!

    It would be wonderful if we could go back in time and have the knowledge of what was taking place behind the backs of 99% of the citizens in the community, before the wind companies had sewn up their back door deals with the landowners, and imposed the gag orders on what they were up to, If we had a chance to have any say in what was taking place, If we could have passed on information of the regrets of many farmers that were seduced into signing the leases.
    At least now more and more of the landowners are informed and as the leases come up for renewal they have the chance now to rectify what they have done by not renewing.

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