Bruce Peninsula under attack

This map that includes not only the Preneal area, but the Mar Silver Birch development as well that is in the FIT application queue.

Preneal has hired a consultancy firm to contact local organizations, including Northern Bruce Peninsula municipality, asking them to supply information to enable the consultant to collect information about the local environment so that they may submit it to the provincial government as part of their application. The consultant’s letter to these organizations says that they are commencing the consultation process early in the approval process. The letter can be found here.

The second map of the central portion of The Bruce Peninsula was provided by Preneal Canada Inc., a wind turbine developer, and a subsidiary of The Preneal Group, a Spanish company with its head office in Madrid.Preneal Canada Inc., is proposing to develop wind turbine installations in the area outlined on the map, and has signed leases to hundreds of acres of land in this area.

The top of the dotted line on the map is just south of Lindsay Road 20, while the most southerly part is close to the municipal boundary with South Bruce Peninsula.The planned project is for 150 MW, which translates to about 75 wind turbines of the size that are currently being built in other parts of Ontario. These newer wind turbines are much larger than the three currently at Fern­dale. For example, the blades may be compared in size to a Boeing 747.A consultancy firm, hired by Preneal Canada Inc., has informed Northern Bruce Peninsula council that it is com­men­cing to carry out a “Natural Her­it­age Assessment Report,” and a “Water Body Assessment and Impact Report” which will be part of the application process to be submitted to the provincial gov­ern­ment from Preneal Canada Inc.

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  1. Any Aiports near?…….These newer wind turbines are much larger than the three currently at Fern­dale. For example, the blades may be compared in size to a Boeing 747…….

    and these are BIG planes,not the typical ones that IWT’s are proposed to be surrounding. Small planes will have an accident getting blown into then…

  2. Has anyone TOLD the Northern Bruce Peninsula Municipality NOT to give these gravy sucking pigs ANY information on the environment ????? Every time some municipality lets them have their way, it’s another nail in the coffin !!! Have to stop being so nice to these people !! A company from Spain, no less !!That country is down the tubes, and they still want to pull this $h-t??? WTF ???. The provincial fiberals want to turn some of the countries most pristine scenery and tourist sites into a permanent scrap yard…Thanks in part also to the NDP, I might add…

  3. Maybe Frank Klees can help. Wasn’t he on a board of a Bruce Peninsula wind company? Maybe he can talk to the municipalities. 😛

    • In my humble opinion , Klees is doing his best to oust Matthews, let’s let him work on that.

    • Mr Klees Newmarket-Aurora MPP was until very recently, on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which has an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for the Bruce Peninsula Mar industrial wind power generation project.
      So, while the Conservatives were telling Ontario’s rural communities they were going to stand up for their rights and deal with the industrialization of Ontario communities by wind power projects, MPP Klees was right in there on the inside of the wind business side. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election.
      On November 15, 2011, Tribute Resources Inc., announced the appointment of Mr. Larry Smith to the Board of Directors. Mr. Smith is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Newmarket Aurora Progressive Conservative Riding Association (MPP Klees’ riding). Tribute is right back to where they were before the election, being directly linked to the political arena.

  4. I wonder how the First Nations community of Cape Croker feels about this. There is currently a longstanding landclaim with the federal government covering the entire Bruce pennisula. The mass industrilisation of one of the most beautiful places in Ontario is just unbelievably stupid and sad.

    • Dan,
      I have spoken with Chief Kaghee extensively on the issues of turbines for several years. Randall Kaghee is by trade, a constitutional lawyer. I have attended and participated in native protests , notably the HST protest. Chief Kaghee called upon those of us that were not part of the native community, to help make their cause known. I did that with great vigor. Living on the cusp of Saugeen 29, I interact with the community and support business within the community. I point out the detrimental effects of turbines, to all communities. To understand the Cape Croker vs, Southampton native communities, you must first understand their income. Saugeen 29 have many members that are employed at Bruce Power. Money does strange things to people of all backgrounds. Chief Kaghee has told me that ” eventually we will come to an agreement “.

    • Victoria Day weekend is a good time to hand out IWT maps to visitors so they can see what will happen to Bruce Peninsula.

    • Any billboards near “the checkerboard”? Would be an ideal location to post this map!
      Could it be done by the long weekend? It took Lorrie an hour or two to raise the money for the one south of Flesherton. I’ll contribute to this one too.

  5. Hard to remember now, but but didn’t so called environmentalists used to get worked up about trashing the natural environment? Funny how they’ve all gone away now,

    • They all have a mental blindspot and don’t see wind turbines as a blight on the environment. They don’t have any qualms about building them on the Huron shores, or even in L Huron. Only if they approached their homes would they raise any objections, and they are careful to avoid this happening.

  6. There is more turbines that will be proposed just south of Wiarton – I have a friend who lives there and has been approached more than once to sign a contract in the past

  7. I’m absolutely amazed that the media and the looney left, who are always harping about curtailment of democratic rights, fail to see the totalitarianism at play with Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act. And Dalton continues to evolve into the most anti-democratic leader in Ontario political history.

    In a fascinating article by Martin Regg Cohn, he makes reference to the dark mysterious world of these money consuming monsters. For example,if you wish to know what OPA pays to privately owned Bruce Power for power flowing from it’s nukes no one knows because Bently and OPA won’t tell anyone outside of their secret society. The same applies to privately owned Brookfield. And what’s the payoff for the two cancelled gas plants? Again this is private, secret information.

    McGuinty is getting ready to table legislation which will gag the Ontario ombudsman to use it’s watchdog powers re ORNGE. Bill 50 will also prevent citizens from making freedom of information requests re the inner workings at ORNGE.

    I wonder if liberals such as Mike Crawley, Bob Rae, Dalton McGuinty etc, realize how unelectable they have become. They are loathed in western Canada, despised in Francophone Quebec and absolute detested in rural Ontario. There are so many citizens who want to see this party crushed into extinction and relegated to the dustbins of Canadian history. Their demise can’t come fast enough.

    • The good-old-boys club must be protected at any cost. This is how business is done and how the money circulates.

      • I don’t watch TV much and was at a friends and was surprised to see a commercial against Obamma stating that his green energy sent over $30 billion out of country. It was awesome, wish I had the link.Hubby said it was new

  8. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    – Frederic Bastiat

  9. The mapping is incorrect as it does not include the Windstream Bruce Inc. proposal that includes another 75 turbines around Spry, Pike Bay, and Mar.

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