Turbine proponents get frosty reception

by Mike Robinson, Wellington Advertiser
ABERFOYLE – Turbine proponents discovered their ideas may be just blowing in the wind as they spoke to Puslinch council regarding the potential of a wind park in the township with up to ten turbines. Christine Koenig of Koenig Consultants, along with Arvid Hesse of wpd Canada Corporation, made a pitch to council on April 18. Mayor Dennis Lever explained both he and township CAO Brenda Law had met the representatives twice before; once prior to the 2010 municipal election. “They wanted to come to the community to talk about the possibility of power generation through wind,” said Lever. Read article

5 thoughts on “Turbine proponents get frosty reception

  1. It’s too bad us Opponents of Wind don’t get the same respect as these carpet baggers do when they are in Council chambers………..but then WE only pay Council’s wages!

  2. It dosen’t matter who owns the IWTs they still cause the same problems. No CO2 reduction either.

  3. See comments by Mike Haesller (The Scottish Skeptic Website) on Bishop hil… a barnburner…


    I part:

    “I am afraid many of you sort of fell into my trap.” Apr 27, 2012 at 9:14 PM Rob Wilson

    Yes very funny. Have you any idea how many people have suffered because of the arrogance of people like you who say “there is no debate”?

    I know several sceptics who daren’t let anyone know they are sceptics because they risk loosing their jobs. I personally stopped working in the wind industry when I realised it was totally corrupt. I know many scientists whose careers progression has been destroyed because they took the courageous step of standing up for truth.

    These are real people whose lives have been deeply affected and you think it is a joke?

    I used to set up wind monitoring stations … one day I accidentally let on to a farmer that a wind farm was going to be built just above them. I have never seen someone so upset … their whole face dropped. That was bad enough, but last year I heard a doctor giving the medical evidence of long term health damage to many people living much further away than that person.

    I have to live with the knowledge that I was partly responsible for wrecking that person’s home.

    I once went to the Isle of Lewis to plan some wind monitoring sites. It was a glorious day,so I sat having lunch just soaking in the fantastic scenery and watching the eagles. I suddenly realised that what I was doing was going to destroy that scenery and likely kill all those eagles and many more.

    I have to live with part of the responsible of destroying that landscape, killing those eagles and causing the loss of tourism to an area where I think 50% of jobs rely on it.

    Go and read — very interesting…

  4. These carpetbaggers are STILL coming out of the woodwork, even though the writing about IWT hazards is posted on the wall all over the world!!.. Where the hell are these people living?? Not on this planet, to be sure!! Two thumbs up for Puslinch Council…

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