OWR website under new management

I’d like to announce that Esther W. and Muriel B. are now in charge of running this website.  Webmaster mail will still be onwindresist@gmail.com

I am very grateful to them for agreeing to take on the daily task of keeping Ontario informed.  Please join me in welcoming them and give them your support.  Thank you to all those who have contributed and made this website a success. Over 2 million hits and counting!

All the best and keep up the fight!
Maureen (Moe) Anderson

17 thoughts on “OWR website under new management

  1. My congratulations Esther and Muriel. I know you’re going to be busy! And many thanks to you Maureen for all the hours and effort I know you’ve put in keeping OWR to keep it so informative and so quickly. It’s a full time job. Believe me, I know.
    —–WAIT Webmaster——

  2. Maureen,
    Thanking YOU, is what first comes to mind on this. I thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made, for the benefit of Ontario. I thank you for battling the battles that landed in your lap. I thank you for being you . Not everyone knows that there is actually a real , live, caring and compassionate person behind this site. Maureen, without you and your hard work and dedication, Ontarians would not be where they are today. You, Maureen Anderson, have created a legacy based on morals, ethics, common sense, facts, education and fortitude. The name Maureen Anderson will be echoed in future generations. To Wind Warrior #1, I truly thank you!
    To all warriors;
    Be Wind Wise…Look Under The Disguise


  3. Esther and Muriel;
    You both have big shoes to fill and I believe that you ladies are the perfect fit.

  4. Hey Moe
    It’s been an honour to have you represent the people of Ontario who have been attacked physically and mentally by the politicians and Wind developers who will eventually have to answer for their misguided actions!
    To Muriel and Esther…….good for you…………continuing a task that is far from over but well on it’s way to restoring some semblance of “justice” for the Citizens of Ontario!

  5. Thanks Maureen for your hard work and tireless efforts to help us win this David & Goliath battle. As a fellow webmistress, I also know the long long hours it takes to keep on top of everything. Some days you can’t keep up. Good luck in your next venture.

    And welcome to the helm Muriel and Esther!

  6. Thank you Maureen, for everything! You have been such a patient and supportive soul.
    And thank you to Bill too. We all know It takes a supportive spouse to carry on in this 24/7 fight.
    All the best to you both and this website is being placed in very good hands.
    Thank you Esther and Muriel for stepping in to keep everyone going!

  7. Thank you hardly seems adequate for all you have done, Moe. This website has helped debunk the misinformation spread by rent-seekers and spinmeisters and given people hope that justice will one day prevail. If nothing else, this nightmare has served to separate the wheat from the chaff, and none of us will ever forget what you have done. There will always be a steak on my BBQ with your name on it (Bill too!)

  8. Hello Maureen,
    Thanks for everything. You were always on top of the latest news releases, etc. Best wishes.

  9. Thanks Maureen, You have created an amazing tapestry across this entire Province linking together citizens who thought they were alone, only to find they were one of thousands seeking answers and support. My best to you and your family, it has been an incredible gift that you have given us.

  10. Moe, you have been truly one of the best troopers in this fight, and bravo!
    Many people in Ontario and the World owe a lot to you with your persistence, dedication, fairness, clarity and truth that you gave and some of the stuff I sent you, deleted!
    I wish you the best.

    Welcome Esther & Muriel…….forward we go!

  11. Moe,
    You have been the light at the end of the dark tunnel all in Ontario and beyond have look to for the TRUTH about IWT. Your humanity and dedication through many challenging days has been appreciated since day one.
    Those misinformed were “straightened out” by the ‘solid’ facts” found here.
    Those who needed the strength to “fight on” came and found the inspiration right here.
    Those who needed a central location to build consensuses found it here.
    This is the “hub” of the resistance!
    You have been the “truth keeper” who has kept us on track when we have had detractors and super egos “busting” into the comments.
    Here is where all who wished to belong to a GROUP with a common goal come, to help our neighbours by getting rid of IWTS and the LIES the industry is built upon.
    Moe ( 🙂 and Bill) thank you.

    Esther and Muriel..to you ,I and my neighbours thank you for jumping in and dedicating your personal time to command this site.

  12. I hope you know how much of your time will be required.

    Please continue to send us wind-turbine news here at Toronto Street News.

    I am a farm family member at Fergus and have been publishing Toronto Street News now in our 13th year.

    For telling the truth you will pay a terrible price as we have already endured — car blown up, cell phone fried in my hand, website and email hacked, etc., etc.

    I congratulate you on your courage!

    — Victor / Toronto Street News

  13. Maureen was the first person I contacted 3 years ago. Probably the same is said for many of you. She connected me with locals, encouraged and talked me through the beginning stages, and any difficulties throughout the years.
    Her website was always perfect. It never lacked in punch, and was done with such professionalism that the windies imagined she was being paid by BIG coal (sorry boys, it’s just wordpress, done correctly!). If it wasn’t for all the countless hours that Maureen put into this site, we would not be where we are with this issue, no doubt on that at all.

    When Maureen asked if I would be willing to take the site over I winced. I knew I could never do it as well as her. Muriel offered to help, and that alone I think helped make it doable. I know how much work this is. Even my local site for the Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group chews up a lot of time. But we can try our best to carry on what Moe started, and I’m hoping for the best.
    Thanks for the welcomes, and a big thank Maureen for EVERYTHING.

  14. THanks for all your hard work and dedication Moe! You1ve done a great job, that is very mch appreciated! All the best in your future.
    Welcome Esther and Muriel !!

  15. Heartfelt thanks of gratitude ,Maureen for managing this site in such a credible ,ethical,and professional way.
    I have found a voice that I never knew I had and the courage to use it at council with presentations and Letters to the Editor in a credible and informative way due to the information accessed from this site . All of our boundaries have expanded because of you carrying the torch and lighting the way .
    To Wind Warrior #1 I Truly Thank You as well .

    Welcome ,Esther and Muriel . Wind Warriors # 2

  16. Maureen,
    Managing this site was a huge commitment of your time and energy … thanks for all your hard work. I will miss having my postings being “moderated” by your sense of fair comment.

    Esther and Muriel: Bring it on!

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